Employee Net Promoter Score

Measure your employees’ happiness and their willingness to recommend others to work for your organization.
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Employee Net Promoter Score

Introduction to eNPS

For most employers, the loyalty of their employees is literally the lifeblood of their organization, as loyal staff tend to care more about their employer’s business, work harder and typically stay for longer.

It’s why the ability to measure an employees’ loyalty is so valuable, as it can highlight to employers the levels of employee engagement within their own organization, which they can then work to improve.

eNPS stands for employee Net Promoter Score, the definition of which is a metric that organizations can use to measure how likely employees are to recommend the business or brand to others. Like the traditional NPS® survey, which seeks to measure customer satisfaction, the eNPS survey can also be used to monitor and improve staff engagement and satisfaction levels within the organization.

The employee Net Promoter Score question

The Employee Net Promoter Score seeks to provide employers with a quick overview of staff loyalty levels within their organization, by asking their employees the question:

On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend our organization as a place to work?

Employees are encouraged to rate their response based on this scale, so their employer can sort their answers into the following three categories ranging from low to high:

Sad emoji

NPS Detractors (Score 0-6)
Employees that won’t recommend your business and may be dissatisfied to varying degrees.

Neutral emoji

NPS Passives (Score 7-8)
Neutral employees who are generally content, but not fully committed to your organization.

happy emoji

NPS Promoters (Score 9-10)
Your most positive, motivated, and satisfied employees.

The combined responses are then collated and calculated to give you an overall eNPS score and a better idea of the extent to which employees would act as advocates for the business.

How to calculate employee Net Promoter Score

eNPS is simple to calculate by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters to generate a score of anywhere between -100 and 100.

Once your eNPS survey is complete, here’s how to use the results to run the simple calculation needed to get your final score.

To begin, you’ll need to identify the numbers for two of the three eNPS groups – the Detractors and the Promoters:

  1. Start with the number of Promoters and subtract the number of Detractors.
  2. Divide that answer by the number of responses in total.
  3. Then multiply your answer by 100.

The number you get, rounded to the nearest whole number, is your NPS score. If you have a set of responses already collected we have a handy Employee Net Promoter Score calculator you can use to get an overall total.

Excel formula for large data sets

For large survey sets the eNPS number may prove a little harder to calculate, but you can do so in Excel using a single calculation; just employ the following formula:


Just replace [Data] with the location of the NPS answer data range in your response spreadsheet.

A better way

And if that still seems too difficult? No problem: if you use the pre-built Net Promoter Score question in your SmartSurvey questionnaire, we calculate the final score for you.

What’s a good eNPS score?

Similarly, to the traditional Net Promoter Score® any score above zero will be viewed as acceptable, while a score of between 10-30 will be perceived as good. Above 50 is excellent.

How eNPS surveys illuminate the employment lifecycle

Employee Net Promoter Score surveys provide an effective measure of staff engagement throughout the employee lifecycle, from their views about their job, working conditions and the training available to them, to their feelings about colleagues, management and the wider company culture.

During the period between when they are recruited to when they leave, there’s a lot of time for an employee’s views to change. This makes eNPS surveys, frequently run, a quick and effective barometer for measuring their engagement levels throughout their employment.

Typically, the more motivated and engaged an employee is, the more likely they will be to recommend their company as a good place to work to others.

As a quick and simple way of measuring staff commitment with a score that you can use to benchmark yourself against other industry organizations, eNPS offers a great starting point for examining engagement levels.

However, to get the best out of staff feedback it should not be used in isolation from other employee surveys. To gain a deeper and more detailed understanding of what could be affecting the employee experience, you can look at other areas by running employee benefit surveys, checking the employee pulse, or measuring levels of staff satisfaction.

The benefits of eNPS surveys

While measuring and improving eNPS can directly impact an employee’s loyalty, engagement and motivation levels, it can also bring wider benefits to an organization. These include:

Improvements to staff morale

When they are asked for their opinion most employees generally feel more valued and included. And if they can see some of their views and suggestions being acted on, you’re more likely to see some improvements in employee morale.

Helps your recruitment

When people are looking for a new role, they typically search for any indicators that can help them to distinguish between a great or not so good company to work for. So, having a high eNPS score should not only help to boost the number of applications you receive when you advertise roles, but help you to attract higher quality talent too.

Increased performance and productivity

Similarly, to increasing morale, when employees are given a greater voice and feel more valued by your company, they are more likely to work harder for you, which will be a major boost to your productivity.

Boosts your brand image

An organization’s reputation is everything. So, when existing and new customers can see you have a healthy eNPS score, and your employees appear happy and are actively promoting your company, it can be a great boost to your brand image.

Employee NPS survey best practices

If you’re to get the most accurate and insightful results from the Employee Net Promoter Score survey, you need participation from as wide a spread of the workforce as possible. The more feedback you have, the better.

So, to help you with that, here’s some best practice considerations to think about:

1. Frequency

The frequency of your survey is important

From their initial recruitment and onboarding to their ongoing appraisals, progression and exit, there are a lot of key stages in the employment journey and a lot that can change in terms of their opinions over time. Therefore, if you’re to get the greatest value from your eNPS survey, it’s important to run it regularly.

2. Follow up

Consider including a follow up question

While the eNPS question is a great way of providing you with a quick overview of staff loyalty and engagement levels, it doesn’t really help give an insight into your detractors. By adding a second follow up question, which asks your employees to explain why they provided the rating they did, it can provide the crucial bit of information you need to try to improve the loyalty and engagement of existing detractors.

3. Communication

Prompts and reminders can help maximize your survey response

Your employees are busy people, typically juggling a range of work priorities and schedules, which mean it’s unlikely everyone will participate as soon as they receive your survey. Therefore, it’s good practice to set up a series of prompts and reminders, which could be anything from notices on internal websites and chats, to prompts on bulletin boards and in company and team meetings. This will ensure everyone gets the maximize opportunity to hear about your survey, which will help to ensure ample responses to it.

4. Transparency

Be transparent about your results:

Be prepared to quickly share result findings with your employees and invite their recommendations for next steps, as this helps them to feel more trusted and involved in your improvement process. Not only will this encourage their participation in future surveys, but it will also help increase their allegiance to and engagement with the business.

Employee NPS survey software

With effective employee survey software the process of reaching out, collecting, analyzing and reporting your findings back to your employees is much smoother, making it easier for you to measure and improve their loyalty, engagement and satisfaction levels going forward.

This can be achieved through a few simple steps:

Rapid survey creation

Create your survey quickly thanks to our easy to use, low code survey solution software. Along with ready-made and customizable templates, we can offer access to an extensive question library.


Trigger surveys and collect feedback at any point on your employees’ journey. Utilizing our survey software’s automation and integration capabilities you can trigger and then collect feedback from your NPS surveys at any crucial stage of your employees’ lifecycle.


Reach out quickly and extensively. From email and web, to SMS. With our wide range of survey distribution channels, together with your prompts and reminders, it’s easier to reach all your staff and offer them the flexibility to access and complete your survey on the platform of their choice at a time most convenient for them.

Timely feedback

Quickly analyze, evaluate and report feedback to your employees. Through advanced analysis, collaboration and reporting tools, that make it quick to analyze, easy to share with other team managers and then report back your findings back to your employees in a way that is simple for them to interpret and understand.

HR survey templates

We offer a wide selection of employee survey templates for you to choose from, many of which can be customized with the inclusion of the eNPS question or used as a standalone Employee Net Promoter Score survey.

More survey design advice

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