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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Patient Feedback Simplified

Capture feedback directly from patients and colleagues, analyze data in real-time, and implement tailored improvements to address specific needs, ensuring enhanced care and satisfaction.

  • Direct patient insights
  • Instant data analysis
  • Targeted improvement strategies
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Trusted by top healthcare institutions:
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Gain valuable feedback in just 3 simple steps

SmartSurvey helps you understand the experience of your patients and staff to improve your healthcare services.
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Launch patient and staff surveys and forms effortlessly

  • Improve stakeholder experience with key surveys like patient or staff satisfaction and NPS
  • Empower your organization to design surveys and forms and collect insight at any touchpoint
  • Boost engagement with personalized content like piping, skip logic and branded themes
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Gather feedback from patients, staff, and stakeholders anytime, anywhere.

  • Collect patient and staff feedback online and offline throughout the entire journey on relevant channels
  • Automatically gather feedback during key moments like consultations and discharge
  • Distribute surveys widely via email, SMS, Website Pop-ups, QR codes, Kiosks, Social and more
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Discover and share key patient and stakeholder insights.

  • Use built-in reporting tools to analyze data instantly pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Share information in real time with the right people and systems to improve care coordination
  • Leverage patient feedback data across your organization with shared reports and dashboards

Happy patients and staff means better outcomes

Patient experience (PX) encapsulates the entirety of a patient's interaction with your healthcare organization. It encompasses every touchpoint, from initial scheduling to post-treatment follow-ups.

When patients have positive experiences, they're more likely to trust their healthcare providers and follow their treatment plans. That's where SmartSurvey comes in helping you understand exactly what patients and staff are experiencing by gathering their feedback every step of the way.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users
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Public consultation

Get feedback from everyone using your services. Fast, safe, and 100% confidential.

Get valuable insights

Understand patient and staff insights  identifying strengths and areas to improve.

Ensure trust & safety

Collect sensitive feedback while protecting privacy and complying with security regulations.

Assess services

Examine Local Clinics and Hospitals to identify opportunities for improvement.

Your data security is our top priority

SmartSurvey maintains the highest levels of security and integrity to protect your staff and patient confidentiality.

  • Adheres to the most stringent standards of IT security and data protection
  • Complies GDPR, the Data Protection Act, and the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • SmartSurvey is accredited with ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Our data is safely stored in the UK
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Your complete data collection solution

Streamline patient feedback, staff surveys, and self-referral forms with ease


Powerful APIs to automate processes

From a patient's first appointment to their last day of treatment, SmartSurvey helps you streamline every step. With our webhooks, you can automate your processes and get updates instantly with every survey response. Our APIs are here to simplify your life, enabling you to send surveys at the perfect time and ensure smooth data flow with your vital systems.

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Set up notifications to instantly alert you

Let your patient experience team, or specific departments, wards, or teams know about a low patient NPS (Net Promoter Score) or just keep yourself informed about every new response that comes in. Having these alerts means you can quickly address any emerging issues and take necessary actions promptly.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Make your data work smarter

Thanks to our integration with Zapier, it's a breeze to connect SmartSurvey with the apps you use daily, helping you get a clear picture of what's happening across your healthcare organization and make decisions that really hit the mark.

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500,000+ happy users

Trusted by leading healthcare providers worldwide
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Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Continually striving to drive-up standards of patient care, patient feedback is critical.

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Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG

HealthEast used online surveys to reach over 200,000 individual stakeholders.

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NHS Solihull Clinical Group

Using SmartSurvey, NHS Solihull CCG has simplified their data collection system.

General Medical Council

The GMC Drives up Stakeholder Engagement with Digital Survey Platform.

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Giving patient’s a sufficient voice is vital to raising standards across the healthcare industry.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Get feedback from everyone who wants to share

Feel confident to collect even to most senstive feedback from staff and patients
Accessibility features available


Our surveys look great, but also meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. This means everyone, including those with disabilities can navigate and respond without barriers.


We offer surveys in Easy Read format and a variety of distribution methods—whether it's through email, SMS, kiosks, QR codes, or even offline. This ensures that every voice has the chance to be heard, on channels relevant to them.


SmartSurvey makes it super simple for people to choose their preferred language and share their thoughts with you. Everyone can easily give their feedback, in their own words, in just a tap of button respondents can choose the language they're are most comfortable with.

Who uses SmartSurvey?

From private hospitals and NHS Trusts to clinics, practitioners, medical institutions, and government departments, SmartSurvey supports the entire healthcare sector in achieving its feedback goals.

NHS trusts

SmartSurvey works with a growing number of NHS Trusts and NHS Community Trusts, supporting them with key patient feedback initiatives including FFT.

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Regulatory bodies

Regulatory bodies rely on effective data collection to gather patient feedback and maintain professional practitioner standards. It’s another arm of the healthcare sector where SmartSurvey is strong.

Logos of regulatory bodies

Local authorities

Local authorities have an increasingly important role in collecting feedback from local service users. It’s why more of them are coming to SmartSurvey, knowing we already have a strong and trusted presence in their sector.

Logos of local authorities

Trade bodies

To maintain industry standards, healthcare professionals as well as the patients they care for need a voice. It’s why SmartSurvey supports trade bodies representing the industry’s professions.

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From large government agency’s to specialist training hospitals, colleges and universities. SmartSurvey supports national and local educators at the forefront of the UK’s healthcare training provision.

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Private healthcare

From medical clinicians and practices including GP surgeries, dentists, opticians and pharmacies to commercial healthcare providers. SmartSurvey works with a growing number of customers in private healthcare.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers you need right here

What types of surveys can I create with SmartSurvey?

You can create a wide range of surveys to meet your needs, including patient feedback surveys, staff satisfaction surveys, self-referral forms, Friends and Family Test (FFT) surveys, clinical audits, and more. SmartSurvey offers customizable templates and question types to suit any survey requirement.

Can I put my branding on the surveys with SmartSurvey?

Yes, you can! SmartSurvey makes it easy for you to showcase your organization's identity. Add your own logo, fonts, and colors, as well as imagery, to the surveys. This makes patients and service users feel recognized and valued when providing feedback.

Want your surveys and forms to look perfectly on brand? – Our team can do that for you with a custom template designed to your exact brand requirements.

How does SmartSurvey support clinical audits?

SmartSurvey facilitates clinical audits by allowing healthcare organizations to securely share data with internal and external audiences. It is suitable for teams of all sizes across multiple departments, offering single sign-on through active directory integration.

What export options are available with SmartSurvey?

SmartSurvey offers multiple export options, including Excel, Word, CSV, and PDF formats. These versatile export options allow healthcare organizations to analyze feedback data in various formats and easily share insights with relevant stakeholders. We can also integrate to multiple platforms through Zapier, Webhooks or APIs.

Where does SmartSurvey store its data?

SmartSurvey stores all its data in the UK. This ensures that your information is securely stored within the country's borders and compliant with GDPR and UK data protection laws and regulations.

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Start improving patient and staff feedback today

Book your personalized demo today! One of experts will walk you through the platform live and show you how we improve outcomes for Healthcare organizations.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users