Employee Engagement

Focus on improving your employee engagement to effectively retain employees and motivate them to make healthy work choices. Increased engagement can save you money and improve your employee’s relationship with your organization.

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Put our user-friendly, advanced online software to work to gather the information you need to help improve patient care, service delivery and staff engagement.

Invaluable feedback

As part of an engagement strategy, employee engagement surveys provide an opportunity to gather anonymous feedback that can be used to retain staff and improve engagement with changes to your working environment.

Measure engagement

Use engagement surveys to measure your current engagement, define your ongoing strategy and measure the results of your hard work.

Build trust

Frequent communication and acting on the feedback you receive from your employees gives you the opportunity to build a strong relationship with your workforce, based on trust.

Build stronger teams

With different types of surveys available, you can communicate through pulse surveys or quick polls to help improve team communications or manage change.

Benchmark performance

Employees increase their performance when they’re engaged. Tracking the engagement of your employees lets you benchmark this and target areas for improvement.

Identify areas to develop

Get real-time feedback on your current training and development programs, and hear from employees on the training they want. Nurtured employees lead to a happy workforce.

Benefits of employee engagement

There are a number of benefits to employee engagement. When your employees are engaged they will:

  1. Know their role inside & out
  2. Work harder for your organization
  3. Work to the best of their ability
  4. Feel satisfied in their role and with their career path
  5. Be more likely to stay
  6. Both save you money and make you money

Get Started with employee engagement

Find all of the resources and tools you’ll need to help you start your Employee Engagement

Learn from the experts, with our guides for employee engagement. We can help at every stage, from setting up your employee engagement survey and the important questions to include, through to measuring your results and the best ideas and strategies for engaging with your employees.

How to set up an employee engagement survey

We can help with everything you need to know about setting up your employee engagement surveys and the types of surveys to run through to question formats.

Employee engagement questions

The best 25 questions to ask in an employee engagement survey to help you get the most out of yours.

Employee engagement ideas

From ideas for your employee wellbeing strategy through to tips on communication, we can help you understand what ideas you need to include in your wider engagement strategies.

Employee engagement strategies for HR

HR will form an essential part of your employee engagement strategy, and we are here to help guide your HR team through everything they need to know.

What to do with your employee engagement survey results

When it comes to measuring the impact of your results, you can trust us to give you the best insights available. With years of experience in helping clients build effective employee engagement strategies, we understand what needs to be measured and how to get the most out of your survey results.

Once you’ve run your engagement survey, it’s important to know what you should do with your results. It’s important to take your results and turn them into tangible outputs to improve your business.

How to measure employee engagement the right way

Measuring employee engagement is tricky. We can help you understand how to do it, from benchmarking initial results to long term tracking and measuring of your employee engagement.

Employee engagement resources

As experts in employee engagement surveys and strategies, we’re here to help. Find our best employee engagement resources here.

Employee voice

What is ‘employee voice‘, and why is it important for employee engagement? We get asked about these things often, and are here to help you understand why they’re important (read more).

What is employee engagement?

Before you get going, it’s important to understand what employee engagement is, why it’s so essential for you to invest in and how it differs from employee experience.

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Smarter employee survey software

The performance, functionality, and features necessary to design employee surveys that effectively engage and benefit your organization.

From multiple choice and free text, to more advanced questions such as Net Promoter Score. With more than 20 question types, it’s easy to meet your survey needs.

Build surveys that are easy to complete. From skip logic and piping, to page or answer choice randomization, our advanced built-in features help maximize your survey’s response rate.

From your logo, fonts and colors, to your survey introduction and thank you messaging, it’s easy to maintain your brand identity with our survey software’s customization tools.

Easily create customer surveys in multiple languages and receive your feedback in the respondent’s language of choice. It’s then simple to analyze the data from a single set of results.

Employee surveys can provide an extremely powerful tool for enacting positive change throughout your business. But it’s important to ensure they are effectively planned, designed and reported on, if you are to the achieve the increased workforce contentment, motivation and productivity levels you need.

Why measure employee satisfaction?

Most businesses track customer satisfaction, but don’t regularly measure employee satisfaction. However, by executing a long-term strategy of retaining motivated employees that provide great service, you will increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Unhappy employees who leave your company and voice their grievances are detrimental to your brand. Prioritizing staff wellbeing on the other hand can have wide-ranging benefits for both individuals and employers. Employee focused strategy has become the norm, not the exception in thriving companies and consumers look favorably on organizations investing in people, rather than profits.

By engaging directly with your employees, you can identify what is working well and what needs improving. For example, by frequently using pulse surveys as well as conducting more in-depth satisfaction surveys, you can stay on top of what makes your business effective, allowing you to address issues before they impact customer satisfaction.

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Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.


Short on time? Not sure where to start?

Use one of our HR templates to create an employee survey in just a couple of clicks.

View our employee survey templates

The benefits of running surveys in the workplace

Your survey could be designed to measure employee satisfaction or motivation. Or staff members’ experiences of and feelings about the workplace, colleagues and management. Or to get feedback on induction and training, both before and after delivery. These are just a few uses to which surveys can be put.

Whatever you choose to measure, a well-designed employee survey is one of the most efficient ways to facilitate two-way communications and better understand what delights or concerns staff. The act of asking for feedback can itself improve morale, and bring benefits to the business:

Improved efficiency

By increasing an employee’s desire to want to do a good job, you will improve their output.

Staff development

Motivated employees will strive to attain personal work-place goals and increased self-development.

Increased commitment

Happy employees will put in the maximum amount of effort to assigned tasks.

Decreased staff turnover

By building staff commitment you will reduce employee churn.

Greater satisfaction

Fulfilled employees will have a positive knock-on effect on your company’s growth.

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A long or short survey?

This can vary depending on your company size and the areas you have identified as critical to be surveyed. However, typically the majority of employee surveys are roughly 30 – 40 questions in length and ideally require no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Stay GDPR compliant

Data protection is critical, particularly when collecting personally identifiable information from employees, it’s essential you are confident that your data collection software complies with the current GDPR laws governing the safe collection, use and storage of personal data.

Working with a compliant company like SmartSurvey can help you with this. As an ISO27001 accredited business we have some of the most robust industry processes and infrastructures in place to secure our customers’ data including hosting in a secure, UK based data center.

Reporting the results and benefits of your employee survey

Being able to effectively report on and communicate your survey results following completion is essential, if you are to reinforce the value of your investment in it and its benefits to your employees and business. Digital employee surveys are an extremely effective way to do this below are 3 key benefits you’ll get from using a software solution to run your survey.

Real-time data

The ability to view survey responses as and when they are collected, makes it easier and quicker to make the decision and changes you need.

Easy to share

Whether its downloading and printing responses to a report at a click of a button or transferring your results via a password-protected link, it’s simple to share your survey findings quickly with others that need them.

Simple to analyze

With the ability to export data into multiple formats you can easily and quickly turn your results into a range of graphs and charts making it simple to view survey findings and see what’s working well and what needs improving.

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