By using SmartSurvey, the Education Development Trust built a robust, flexible and above all confidential survey solution for their teachers.


uSwitch is one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites, Established in 2000. In order to gather feedback about the effectiveness of their online webchat service, uSwitch used SmartSurvey to create a fully branded survey, integrated seamlessly into the webchat window. This has made it possible for uSwitch to improve the service they offer to customers by making it much easier to identify areas for improvement.

The challenge

Like any business in the service sector, ensuring a high quality of customer service is paramount to uSwitch. One of the methods uSwitch use for delivering this customer service is live chat on the web. In order to get visibility on how well this was serving customers, it was decided to implement a survey into the webchat service. The requirements were that it should appear seamlessly as part of the chat window, that it follow all branding guidelines, and that each survey response be able to be linked back to the chat that it refers to.

The solution

Acting on an internal recommendation, uSwitch signed up for a SmartSurvey Enterprise Account, and were able to create a solution that met all of their requirements. The survey could be embedded inside the chat window, fully branded, and with the use of Custom Variables, be tagged with the chat that the survey was about. The ease of use, adaptability of the tool, and the willingness and support from the SmartSurvey team were all key factors in the decision to sign up with us.

Without SmartSurvey’s inbuilt flexibility, uSwitch would have been forced to purchase and integrate an extra system to collect this data, instead of being able to use a single system company-wide to collect data from both marketing and customer service surveys.

The results

uSwitch have been able to start collecting customer feedback on their web chat service, using Net Promoter® questions as part of an embedded survey. This has made it possible to highlight issues or necessary improvements. This has been made possible not only by the survey itself, but by SmartSurvey’s features for the filtering and export of data, allowing the compilation of monthly reports to be made simple and easy.

We couldn't be happier with Smartsurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.Martin - uSwitch
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