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Do you need to find the best online survey provider for your business that caters for the requirements of your entire team? If you are looking for an alternative to Typeform, we can help you evaluate features, tools, data security, and customer service for a complete comparison.

Compare SmartSurvey vs Typeform

SmartSurvey is ideal for businesses that punch above their weight. We can provide you with the tools to promote your brand identity, build trust, and develop credibility with customers. All account holders benefit from being able to use our cutting-edge customization tools and advanced online reporting features that will provide you with the information to help you succeed.

Technically Advanced

Simple to use, yet powerful enough to provide the answers you need to specific questions.

Dedicated Support

100% personal, one-to-one online help and assistance from dedicated account managers.

Powerful Reporting

Real-time results provide you with the data you need to take instant action.

SmartSurvey vs Typeform comparison table

Main features

SmartSurvey Typeform
Unlimited questions & responses:
No restrictions with our business and enterprise plans
Advanced skip logic:
Use skip logic, piping, scoring and randomization to ask the right questions
Custom branding:
Customize background, layout, images, logo, fonts, thank you page and URL
Key analysis:
View statistical information such as: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Satisfaction rates to certain questions
Intergrations with Google Analytics, GTM and Zapier


SmartSurvey Typeform
Bulk email distribution & tracking
Test emails:
Send test emails and reminders to yourself before live distributions
SMS distribution & tracking:
Send surveys via SMS to reach respondents anywhere, anytime
Offline mode:
Collect survey responses at events and kiosks without an internet connection

Analysis and reporting

SmartSurvey Typeform
Text analysis:
Quantify text responses and generate charts
Cross tabulation:
Compare answers to two sets of questions against each other
Custom Charts:
Edit values and labels


SmartSurvey Typeform
File cabinet:
Upload images and documents into the file cabinet and easily include them in your surveys
Save and Continue:
Allow respondents to save their current responses and finish later
Domain branding:
Brand your survey links with a sub domain of your choice, i.e. surveys.yourdomain.com

Customer support

SmartSurvey Typeform
Phone support:
Contact us on our free phone number to discuss projects in detail
Dedicated account manager:
Receive support from a dedicated account manager

Security and compliance

SmartSurvey Typeform
Data Protection Act:
SmartSurvey is registered under the data protection act. Data collected through SmartSurvey is owned by ‘you’ the user and will not be accessed nor shared with anyone else without your permission
Survey authentication protection:
Require a unique Username/Password for each of your respondents to access your survey
ISO27001 certification:
The highest possible standard for data security
IP restriction for users & respondents:
Set to allow or block access of specific IP addresses to your survey

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SmartSurvey Features

Multiple languages

One of our most advanced features is full multi-language support. You can create just one survey in as many different languages as are needed. Your survey participants get to choose which language they want to complete the form in when they open it. Results from the different languages can be segmented and filtered in a single interface, using our real-time analysis features. View the results across all survey completions, regardless of the language, to get the information you need with ease.

ISO27001 certified

We take data protection and security seriously! We are ISO27001 certified and fully compliant with the internationally recognized standard for information security management (ISMS). This systematic approach to managing information means it remains secure. It includes data of every type from people and processes to IT systems by applying a risk management process to keep information assets secure.

Offline mode

One of our favorite and most unique features is Offline surveys. You can collect responses on a variety of platforms, such as a tablet or a smartphone, at the actual event without an internet connection. When you re-establish a connection, you can sync responses with the click of a button. Gather the data you need anywhere, regardless of connectivity, with offline options of every type from big events to public kiosks.

Domain branding

SmartSurvey enables you to fully customize your online surveys, which includes the branding of your survey links. You are provided with an option to use your own domain name as part of your survey link, so a sub domain of your choice can replace the default survey link.



Dedicated Account Manager

We never tire of providing new ways to help our customers achieve their goals through dedicated account support. We provide training on new feature releases that will keep you up-to-date with the advanced software, meaning you can constantly develop your surveys to get the most from your research.

Advanced reporting

We understand that collecting data is just the start. By reviewing the responses in real-time and creating custom graphs and charts you can act quickly. Results can be shared easily in one click or you can schedule exports and give colleagues access with password protected links so they can view the results themselves.

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