About Us

The friendly team behind the user-friendly survey software.

Who are SmartSurvey?

SmartSurvey is a UK-based provider of digital survey solutions. Our customers trust our user-friendly yet advanced online survey software to gather the information they need to make smart decisions. Whether you’re self-employed, work in the public sector, or manage projects for a multinational corporation we have features – including personalized customer support – that will suit your data collection and analysis needs.

Create customized surveys from scratch or use ready-made templates, then distribute to your own contact list or a consumer panel. Results are collected in real time so you can export data, share responses and learn from your respondents instantly.

Our Motivation

SmartSurvey exists to simplify the collection of information from your audience with smart digital solutions. This is our mission. Why? Because access to the information you need to make smart decisions shouldn’t be complicated. ‘User-friendly’ is our mantra.

The Story

SmartSurvey was launched by Smartline International Ltd in 2010 after we discovered a need in the UK and European market for a user-friendly online survey tool. Since then SmartSurvey has taken on a life of its own and we’re very happy it did. All of our time is now dedicated to SmartSurvey, its improvement and providing personalized support to the customers who use it.

Our core values


We work hard each day to show our customers they can trust us to store their data securely, trust us to be available to provide technical support and trust us to always provide the best solutions.


Whatever the issue – big or small – our customers can always reach out to us for personalized support. We’re a close-knit team, so our supportive approach is second nature.


We understand your surveys represent you and your company – so they need to be of the highest standard. We handle your projects as if they were our own.


‘User-friendly’ is our mantra and every aspect of SmartSurvey is designed with our customers in mind. Collecting information from your audience should never be complicated.


We’re not set in our ways and innovation gets us excited. We love suggestions from our customers and we’ll always be able to build a package to suit your needs.


We are professional, but not serious. You’ll always find a friendly voice at the end of the phone to help you.


Everything we do has to be done well. ‘That’ll do’ will never cut it with us.