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Create online surveys and web forms to collect and analyze data, giving you the insights you need to make smarter decisions.
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Here's how it works

Effortlessly gather insights by creating surveys, sharing them with your audience, and seamlessly analyzing the results.

Quickly build smart engaging surveys

SmartSurvey is packed with features to help you quickly and easily reach respondents and capture feedback and opinions.

Professional templates

Create a survey in minutes with one of our fully customizable survey templates.

Ask your way

Create engaging surveys and get the answers you need with flexible question types and tools.

Smart surveys

Use logic and intelligent routing to create personalized survey flow and improve response rates.

Keep it your style

Pick from 40+ professionally made survey themes, add your logo, choose your colors.

Accessibility matters

Meet the highest current standards for accessibility with out of the box WCAG accessible themes.

Remove friction

Reduce incomplete surveys with a progress bar, page numbering, and “save and continue”.


Reach your audience wherever they are

Extend the reach of your survey with powerful in-built distribution options. All plans provide unique links to share, send and track your surveys, or embed on your website.

All users, all devices

Provide the same experience for all respondents wherever they are and whatever device.

Easy distribution

Reach respondents on any channel, using email, QR codes, SMS and social media.

Any online channel

Use our web embed code to easily add in-page or popup surveys to your website and apps.

Offline if you need it

Collect responses with no internet. Ideal for shows, exhibitions or field research.

Personalized surveys

Pass data you already hold about a respondent into a survey to reduce friction and increase responses.

Unlimited responses

Maximize feedback and avoid hidden charges with unlimited responses.


Identify valuable insights

SmartSurvey gives you the tools to reveal data that’s most important to you. All plans allow you to see responses in real-time, with a visual summary of your results so you can quickly make sense of your data.

Real time

See your results arrive in app in real-time. Use triggers to take immediate action.

Data visualization

Analyze your results with data tables and in-app charts and trends.

Zoom in, zoom out

Get a handy snapshot of both individual responses and a results summary.

Easy to share

Create custom views using filters to share with non SmartSurvey users – great for stakeholder management.

Make smarter decisions

Use text analysis to reveal hidden insights from qualitative data.

We're human

When you succeed, we succeed, so we’re on hand to make sure your projects go brilliantly.

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The complete survey solution

Whether you’re conducting market research, reviewing employee engagement or measuring customer satisfaction, our enterprise software has advanced features to suit every need.

Built with everyone in mind

SmartSurvey is used worldwide by businesses, government departments, charities, and students to create, collect and analyze data every day.
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Customer Experience

Comprehensive survey solutions for elevating your customer's experience

From their first encounter with your website to their interactions with your sales and support personnel, gain valuable insights into your customers' thoughts and desires. Enhance their experience and foster loyalty towards your organization by understanding and addressing their needs.

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Employee Engagement

Driving positive change throughout your organization by re-engaging and motivating your staff

Our dynamic survey solutions cover a range of areas, including employee feedback, satisfaction, exit surveys, performance evaluations, pulse surveys, and assessments. These surveys provide critical insights into your team's perception and the effectiveness of your employee initiatives. Use these results to drive positive changes and promote a more engaged and content workforce.

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Market Research

Acquire valuable insights for introducing new products or venturing into untapped markets

From conducting competitive assessments to gaging consumer awareness, our versatile market research tools cater to your diverse needs. Access one of the world's largest consumer networks for digital market research. Unparalleled reach and targeting that covers audiences around the world like no other.

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Public Sector

A reliable survey platform and data security you can trust

With stringent security measures and dedicated UK-based servers, we understand the importance of strong data protection and compliance for the public sector. Our trusted survey software is widely embraced by government and public sector organizations for its dependability and security.

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Multi-award winning survey software
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Image of people in an office discussing something.Image of people in an office discussing something.

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Trusted by leading companies and brands worldwide.
Over 500,000 users have registered to use SmartSurvey.
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Thanks to SmartSurvey, our communication strategy is making us stand out from the crowd. By using SMS, asking the right questions and acting on results, IKEA is one step ahead of the competition.

Alastair, IKEA
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We couldn't be happier with SmartSurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.

Martin, uSwitch
Multi-award winning survey software
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