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Creating engaging surveys—smart questionnaires that encourage respondents to complete their responses—is made a breeze with our survey design software. A range of clever features help you make surveys that get people's attention and keep it to completion.
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Always the right question type

Survey question design can make or break your survey. With SmartSurvey you can get access to over 20 question types, helping you make sure you always have access to the right question type for every situation. Multiple Choice, Matrix, Continuous Sum, Free Text, Sliders, NPS, CSAT, CES are all available, with huge scope for customization.

Create visually rich surveys

Surveys don't have to be a wall of text. With our flexible survey design software you can incorporate visual content into your surveys with ease. Upload image files to your SmartSurvey file library, and then embed those images to your questions. Or for video, you can directly embed YouTube videos into your surveys.

Mobile-friendly surveys

Your respondents are probably mobile-native so your surveys should be too. SmartSurvey ensures you can deploy responsive, mobile friendly surveys by default, allowing your respondents to engage with your surveys on the devices they use all day. Built-in mobile preview means you check how any survey design looks on mobile without needing extra devices.

Built-in accessibility

SmartSurvey supports the creation of accessible surveys, meaning surveys that are easy for anyone to interact with and support their needs. By using accessible surveys, you'll be able to draw on the widest possible field of respondents for your projects, giving you more accurate results.

Personalized for every respondent

Using skip logic and piping allows you to create surveys that feel more like a conversation, by referencing answers given to previous questions and by letting you create rules to route users through the most appropriate paths in your survey. This means you make the most of your respondents' valuable time and attention.

Define your look and feel

SmartSurvey gives you a huge array of custom survey tools to customize your survey and give it a unique, branded look and feel. Create a theme to reflect your brand, customize messages and button text, set your own thank-you pages, and redirect users who complete your survey to any website you want to.

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