Why Employee Surveys Help Boost Business Performance

Philip Cleave
July 23, 2019

Given the findings of a recent Harvard Business Review study citing a 31% increase in productivity among happy employees – gaging staff morale and knowing what needs implementing to drive positive change has never been more crucial to your future success.

As one of the most effective ways to facilitate a two-way communications channel, online employee survey solutions are a great way to achieve this. By gathering feedback and monitoring staff progress in real-time, online employee surveys allow you to measure employee engagement and satisfaction levels, so you are in a much better placed to implement the improvements your business needs.

Continually enhancing your employee communications is critical, otherwise you risk becoming disconnected from your staff, further lowering their morale and ultimately harming your long-term business prospects.

5 ways employee surveys benefit your business

1) Improves staff skill sets

As they can help you to identify any knowledge gaps among your employees, which you can resolve through training and development to help nurture their growth.

2) Increases employee satisfaction

By measuring how they feel about their job roles, work environment and your company, it’s easier to see any improvements you need to make to boost staff satisfaction levels.

3) Boosts staff productivity

Regularly garnering employee feedback and opinions about different areas of your business, will make them feel more valued and motivated to work harder for your business.

4) Strengthens employee commitment

By improving understanding of their roles and how they contribute to your business vision and success, you will be able to nurture a stronger and more committed workforce.

5) Helps Retain Staff

Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction with their jobs and working environment, helps you to build a more loyal workforce and reduce employee churn.

Choosing the employee survey you need

Whether you are looking to examine how your employees feel about their roles, job training and career opportunities, or want to gather their views about your organization and working environment, it can be challenging to know what survey you need and the questions should prepare.

From job evaluation and career development to employee self-assessment and job satisfaction, using one of our HR survey templates makes it easy to quickly identify and create the survey you need.

Need support to construct your survey?

If you are too busy and need support, you will want a provider with the right experience and expertise to help you create, program and brand your entire survey, to ensure you get the results you need, in a format that best meets your objectives.

As a leading UK-based digital survey solutions provider that has successfully helped over 300,000+ customers worldwide with their survey requirements, our managed survey services experts can help you to generate, collect and analyze data, so you can make the informed decisions your business needs.

More reasons why SmartSurvey is best for your employee survey needs

  • Advanced software and survey features – from skip logic to page randomization, piping to pre-population, email triggers to scoring, our powerful software and features can help you create professional and engaging surveys.
  • Easy to use – from its simple sign up and download, to its intuitive user-led design and easy to follow step-by-step guides, it’s quick to get your survey started with our software.
  • Your data’s all in one place – your data connects easily with APIs, Zapier, Salesforce, Google Analytics and more much, so you can work quickly and seamlessly.
  • Robust security – as an ISO27001 and Cyber Security Essentials Plus certified company, you can be rest assured we take the security of you data extremely seriously, which includes GDPR compliance.
  • Helpful and responsive support – whatever your question – big or small – our helpful support team is always on hand to respond to your emails and telephone calls.

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