The Benefits Of A Branded Surveys Dashboard

Philip Cleave
April 12, 2024
Picture that depicts how our Enterprise Plus users can add a custom logo to their surveys dashboard

The biggest and most important decisions are always data-driven and born out of collaboration between multiple stakeholders, both internal and external. But for this process to be effective, the data must be reliable and trustworthy, and help enable high levels of engagement and co-ordination between everyone in terms of their ability to analyze the same data insights. That’s where branded survey dashboards really come to the fore, as besides being shareable, they’re easily recognizable and familiar.

In this blog we will look at the concept of branded surveys dashboards in a bit more detail, exploring their main features and the benefits they can provide.

What is a branded surveys dashboard?

In the simplest terms, a branded surveys dashboard, or white label surveys dashboard as it’s otherwise known, is one that an organization can rebrand and customize as their own. Doing so, not only aligns that dashboard with their own brand identify but ensures that it’s immediately recognizable and able to provide a seamless experience for those that need to use it.

Features of branded surveys dashboard

If they’re to stamp their identify onto their dashboard, there are some key features of a branded surveys dashboard that will allow those creating it to do this.  

Here are the main ones.  

Adding logos

When it comes to features that make a dashboard immediately recognizable to those that need to use it, a logo is probably the biggest brand ambassador an organization has.  

Not only can adding a logo bring a personalisation factor to a dashboard, but it can also reduce any potential confusion about which dashboard and data is being reviewed. This is particularly beneficial if those looking at it, have more than one dashboard to review from several different organizations.  

To further simplify this process, it helps to place the organization’s logo who the dashboard applies to in the top-left hand corner of that dashboard.  

Headers and footers

Any quality, branded survey dashboard tool should offer the ability to add customized headers and footers.  

Whether it’s contact details, a website url or a wordmark. Whatever it is, adding such elements into the header or footer, is a great way to further reinforce your brand in your dashboard.  

However, it’s important not to overdo what you place into your header or footer, or you may risk making your dashboard look too crowded.

Incorporating your brand colors

When it comes to your brand, the ability to use the same brand colors across all of your collateral including dashboards, can be very powerful with regards to stakeholder recognition and brand familiarity.  

Consequently, when you’re reviewing a surveys and dashboard provider, it’s important to assess how much flexibility they can offer you with regards to your color palette. And therefore, how much scope you have to align essential elements such as your dashboard’s background color with your brand.

Customizing links and domain

Finally, the ability to customize your links and domain adds further credibility to your dashboard and helps to enhance the overall customer experience.

As the final branding element of your dashboard, customizing your links and domain ensures you’re able to deliver a consistent brand identity, which helps reassure your stakeholders about the validity of the data held within that dashboard.

Benefits of a branded surveys dashboard

While the ability to quickly add white label features to your surveys and dashboard software, is a major advantage in itself, there are more specific user benefits to be gained from a branded surveys dashboard.  

We’ve listed a few key one's for you to explore below.  

Increased user confidence and trust  

The great thing about a branded surveys dashboard, is that users can instantly recognize where it has come from when they receive an invitation, increasing their confidence and trust to open it.  

Boost to user engagement

So familiar is the look and feel of that branded dashboard with content they’ve previously used from the host organization, that it will help further boost their engagement with it.  

Enhanced collaboration

Similarly, with increased user confidence and trust in that branded dashboard, it will help to encourage greater collaboration between the dashboard’s many users.  

Faster and improved decision-making

When different users, teams and stakeholders are collaborating more effectively through a branded dashboard, this also leads to faster and better decision-making.  

Concluding thoughts

By their very nature, survey dashboards allow you to quickly get the big picture on your survey data and access the key insights that matter most to your business. So, you’ll want to maximize user engagement and the level of collaboration it generates for everyone that has contact with it.  

Fortunately, if you’re able to brand your surveys dashboard in the right way, you’ll have the means to get you there.  

The best branded experience begins with the right survey dashboard tools

From to the ability to add logos and incorporate the widest range of colors, to the capacity to brand your headers, footers, links and domain. If you’re to deliver the right branded experience, you’ll need the right survey platform and dashboard tools to support you.  

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