30 Actionable Training Needs Survey Questions

Last updated on
September 5, 2023
Training session taking place in an industrial setting.

Surveys are potent tools for discerning the educational requirements of a workforce. Properly structured, a training survey can yield indispensable insights, laying the foundation for well-targeted learning initiatives. With the right set of questions you can delve deep into the complexities of employee training and development requirements.

With this in mind, below we've listed 30 sample questions segmented into six core areas; employee skills assessment, role-specific needs, company-wide initiatives, career development and progression, cultural and behavioral aspects, and industry trends and updates (as well as some bonus general questions to consider using). Implement these questions into your next survey, and you're on your way to honing a more skilled and versatile team.

Example training needs questions

Employee skills assessment

1. On a scale of 1-10, how proficient are you in using our current software tools?

2. What skills do you feel are crucial but currently missing in your department?

3. How often do you use presentation tools in your role?

Role-specific needs

4. What aspect of your job do you find the most challenging?

5. What skills do you think would make your daily tasks easier to manage?

6. Are there any procedures or tasks you're unsure about how to complete?

Company-wide initiatives

7. Are you aware of the company's long-term goals and objectives?

8. How prepared are you for implementing new company-wide software?

9. What is your comfort level with our recent sustainability initiatives?

Career development and progression

10. What type of training would most benefit your career growth?

11. Do you feel the company provides ample opportunities for career advancement?

12. What soft skills would you like to develop further (e.g., leadership, communication)?

Cultural and behavioral aspects

13. Do you feel our company has an inclusive work environment?

14. How would you rate the effectiveness of team communication in your department?

15. Are you comfortable reporting workplace issues to management?

Industry trends and updates

16. How well do you think our company is keeping up with industry trends?

17. Would training in emerging technologies benefit your current role?

18. Are you familiar with our competitors' products and services?

Mixing it up: additional question ideas

19. Would you prefer online or in-person training?

20. How often should training sessions be held: weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

21. Do you think cross-departmental training would be beneficial?

22. How effectively do you think our training programs are currently?

23. What is your preferred learning style: hands-on, lecture-based, or interactive?

24. Would you be interested in mentorship opportunities?

25. What barriers, if any, hinder you from participating in training?

26. How timely is the feedback you receive after training sessions?

27. Would you be open to training during non-work hours if compensated?

28. Do you feel training is adequately tailored to various experience levels?

29. What areas do you think our training has successfully covered?

30. How willing are you to travel for off-site training events?

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To get up and running consider using our training needs survey template. Pre-populated with 9 sample questions, it can be used as is or adapted to your organization's needs.

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