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Secure Data Collection Guide

Find out how SmartSurvey allows you to create, distribute, and analyze surveys using a powerful, flexible, and secure platform.


SMS Factsheet

Smartphones have taken over from laptops as the most popular device for getting online and many businesses are now focusing their strategy on SMS based communications.


Enterprise Account

From market research to reviewing employee engagement and measuring customer satisfaction, our enterprise account has advanced features to suit every need.


Product Overview

Our software enables organizations of any size to connect with the world around them and gather the opinions of the people that matter most, to answer questions, solve problems and come up with the next game changing idea.


Managed Services Guide

Our experts are ready and waiting to create your surveys. Let us help you generate, collect and analyze data to make informed decisions.


Consumer Panels Guide

Define your target audience, send your survey, analyze your results and get the answers you need to make smart decisions all from one place.


More Than Survey Software

We want you to be part of our smarter world, where businesses and individuals can collect and analyze data in an instant - to answer questions, solve problems and come up with the next game changing idea.


Explore our paid plans to unleash the full potential of SmartSurvey

Our survey software is user friendly yet packed full of advanced features. Find out how our platform can deliver the results you need.


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