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How to use the Net Promoter Score calculator

It’s easy to work out your NPS score with our handy online calculator. Simply enter the number of responses for each score from 0 to 10 with the corresponding field in the calculator. Your overall NPS calculation will lie somewhere between 100 and -100. See also: What is a good Net Promoter Score?

A better way

Whatever your reasons for measuring NPS, our survey platform has all the performance, functionality and features you need to successfully deliver any customer experience programs you may be running.

Easily capture customer feedback and report on your NPS performance with a survey solution that gives you:

  • A wide range of customizable and ready to use customer survey templates, with the NPS question available to build in, so you can quickly start capturing essential customer data
  • Unlimited number of responses on all our paid plans above Pro monthly, helping to ensure you gain maximum insight into what your customers are thinking
  • A wide range of powerful in-built distribution options, so no matter where your audience are located or media platform they’re using, you’ll be able to reach them with your survey
  • An NPS dashboard on Business plans and above, that enables you to view, analyze and benchmark your performance
  • Data protection and security you can trust, from ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications and compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act, to data hosting which is replicated across two UK sites.

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