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Always ask the right questions: use survey skip logic to branch and respond to the answers your audience gives.
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A quick definition of skip logic

Skip Logic allows you to create surveys that change their content and questions based on the answers given during the survey. Other terms for Skip Logic you might encounter are “Branching surveys”, “Conditional branching” or “Branch Logic”. Skip Logic defines a path through the survey for each respondent based on their answers.

How to use skip logic

Using skip logic to improve the engagement and response rate of your surveys follows one simple rule. Make sure that your respondents are only shown relevant questions, and not asked about things that don’t apply to them. Applying logic to how respondents interact with a survey means you can create skip logic rules like the example to the right. Check out our 6-Step Guide to Skip Logic.

How skip logic improves surveys

Skip Logic helps make surveys more responsive by reducing the time it takes for respondents to complete your survey. The quicker the survey is to finish and the more relevant the questions, the more likely a respondent is to provide you with useful data. For example a survey to find out what transportation options employees use might ask…

  1. Distance the respondent lives from the workplace
  2. Does the respondent have access to a car, motorbike or bicycle
  3. How often the respondent uses any of those to get to work
  4. If there are any issues with parking at the workplace
  5. Does the respondent ever use public transport
  6. Which types of public transport are used and how frequently
  7. What might encourage the respondent to change commuting habits

If all the above question categories are placed on a single page, then many of the questions may not apply to all respondents – why ask respondents who only use public transport about parking? or get more details on public transport from respondents who never use it? Respondents are less likely to complete surveys when asked questions that don’t apply to them.

Try this survey without Skip Logic for yourself.

Applying Skip Logic on this example survey, we can break up the survey into sub-sections on different pages and set up rules for which respondents see which questions.

Now the example survey will only ask relevant questions to its respondents, making for a faster, smarter survey.

Try the survey yourself and see the difference.

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