10 Benefits of Online Surveys

Philip Cleave
January 1, 2020

Internet connectivity has exposed light to every dark corner of the world. The implications of the internet for carrying out surveys and analysis are path breaking. The availability of professional survey templates has revolutionized the process further by making the creation of surveys swift and simple. Here are a few benefits of online surveys:


With the availability of survey templates, there is no need to print forms and waste money on postage stamps. There is also no requirement for companies to employ extra labor to enter information; making online surveys significantly more cost effective to carry out.

Global sampling

With the very high number of internet users across the world, one can send survey forms all around the globe with just one click. With the emergence of survey templates, users from different countries can be exposed to a survey simultaneously and instantaneously.


No time is wasted waiting for the mail to get delivered. Using survey templates, you create a questionnaire form, distribute it and start obtaining feedback within minutes.

Customer tailored

Today’s professional survey templates are designed with smart features such as skip logic and piping that allow respondent’s to skip over irrelevant answers, or not need to answer them at all if they have already provided a relevant answer earlier in the survey. This can help to maximize obtaining valuable information, as respondents are no longer required to navigate through irrelevant questions.

Easy data handling

Internet surveys are gaining popularity because of the ease of data entry and processing. The data entered by the user can be quickly evaluated and analyzed. This significantly reduces the time gap between the collection of data and its evaluation.


Compared with telephone and face to face surveys, online survey users can fill out a survey form at any time convenient to them. They also have the flexibility to go back and forth between questions, to ensure they have answered them to the best of their ability.


With the wide variety of survey templates available, a user can attach images and videos to their surveys to make them more enticing and easier to understand. To help respondents, definitions can also be provided alongside some of the words.  And to make it even more engaging for users, links to different websites can be attached.

Easy follow up

With an online survey you can also easily follow up with respondents by just dropping them an email, which is both more convenient for you and your recipient.

Reduce survey bias

Online surveys can also be designed in a way that prevents a customer from accessing the second question before they have answered the first, which can help to reduce the likelihood of survey bias and help yield more accurate results. In addition, a user is more likely to open up in the anonymous environment of the internet, compared with the alternative of being interrogated by an interviewer.

Increased response rate

Many people converse and engage in heated debates online and with the growing popularity and expediency of the internet, customers are more likely to respond to survey forms – helping to increase the overall response rate.

Given the benefits that the online survey has to offer, together with the availability of survey templates,  online is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to conduct a survey.


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