Customer Feedback Survey Follow-up

Philip Cleave
September 18, 2019

If you logged in to SmartSurvey recently you may have noticed the small banner asking you to take part in a feedback survey. If you did, we would like to say a big thank-you! We’ve been hard at work reviewing the responses received and we’re using that insight to feed into our development process.

Below, you’ll find an infographic which summarizes the results from the survey.  Below the infographic, we’ll talk a little about what these results mean for future development of the app.

Customer feedback Survey Results September 2019

An infographic of data. Survey Results 30%, Survey Design 29%, Look and Feel 25%, Collect 8%, Integrations 8%

What are we doing with the feedback?

As you can see, the results came back with some areas of SmartSurvey clearly marked as being more in need of development than others. We’ve already fed much of this information into our development roadmap and associated it with existing features that need to be improved or new features that don’t exist yet.

Once in the roadmap each feature is scored on a number of factors, and one of those factors is the weighting given to that category in these results. This then enables us to prioritize which features will be worked on next.

Maintaining focus, developing the right features

A key focus for us is to be able to deliver the new features and improvements that will most benefit you, our customers. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us to validate our internal assumptions and ensure we are working on the areas of the product that will deliver value.

We already had an idea that one of the areas that required improvement was results exporting and we’re pleased to announce that we have been working on an updated version of exporter tool with new UI and features which will be launched to Beta in the next couple of weeks. You’ll be able to toggle between the current version and the new Beta version and let us know your thoughts on the new design and functionality.

We’re continuously working on user interface and experience improvements to improve the look and feel of SmartSurvey. If you missed the recent product update check out this post to see the latest UI changes we’ve made. We have a project in progress to make it easier to customize themes and create better looking surveys, keep your eyes peeled for updates from us on this in the near future.

With regards to integrations we have Salesforce launching soon as well as a number of other apps which are currently being analyzed for inclusion to the roadmap, with Power BI and Tableau both on the list.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has taken part so far and if you haven’t yet we would love to hear from you. The Survey will be active again from next week, you’ll be able to access it by clicking the notification when you login to your account.


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