SmartSurvey App Development Update

Philip Cleave
September 4, 2019

You may have noticed we’ve recently made a number of updates to the SmartSurvey App.

This is part of an ongoing project to convert the app over to using “foundation”.

Foundation is the latest HTML framework and has numerous benefits for us as developers and also you as users. One of the most important is that using this framework allows us to update the app and add new features at a much greater speed.

We are about 30-40% through the migration and completing this will continue to be the main development focus. Once this is complete, it will be easier and faster for us to roll out new features.

This is why, when you see that a page has been updated, it will usually be a like for like update – no new features, but it might look and feel a little different.

This recent update contained significant revisions to two pages we had received feedback about highlighting that they were the more difficult-to-use areas of the app. These were the File Library and Theme Selector.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the pages we’ve updated, and whether there are functionality changes or if it’s just been updated to foundation.

Main Survey Design Header Bar

SmartSurvey menu bar - Blue

Changed from Orange to Blue in response to user feedback.

Theme Selector Page

Survey Theme Selector

This page has been completely redesigned to make it much easier to use. The changes are intended to make it quicker and easier to find the theme users need. The new page shows more themes at a time and has a search feature. Users can choose to see themes displayed as a large thumbnail grid, or as a more compact list. Recently-used and shared themes are more easily accessed via menu tabs.

Details of how the page now works are in this guide:

File Library

Survey File Library

This page has been redesigned to make it consistent with the My Surveys page. The process to upload files and create folders has been streamlined.

Updated guide:

Survey Collect Page

Survey Collect Page

This page was updated to a cleaner and more legible layout.

Survey Settings Page

Survey Settings Page

The main settings menu on the left is now on a lighter background for legibility and new icons have been added for each of the menu options.

Survey Organize Page

Organise Surveys Page

New design makes better use of the available page space and is more consistent with other survey design pages.

Address Book:

Address Book Page

New page is lighter and more legible.


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