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Single-Sign-On (SSO) now available

Launched on
June 16, 2021

We've updated our Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature to make it easier for your users to sign up and sign in to SmartSurvey. 

SSO uses your organizations Identity Provider (for example Microsoft Active Directory) to allow your users to login using their organization login credentials, which provides many benefits to both admins and day to day users in your team.  

Easier user management 

SSO enables your users to sign up automatically to SmartSurvey if they have been given access within the Identity Provider. In this case the user can use the specific SSO login link and sign up directly to create their account, using their existing work credentials, automatically creating the user under the master admin account. They will be able sign in directly via the link after signing up. 

More secure

Using an Identity provider gives you better visibility of which users are accessing which products within your organization as well as enabling you to remove access centrally, for example disabling previous employees in one place rather than many.

It also reduces the risk of data breaches by reducing the ability for your users to share accounts, ensuring a clear audit trail is in place. 

Save your teams time

Your users can access SmartSurvey using their existing user credentials removing the need to manage and update multiple usernames and passwords. The common example is linking directly from an internal intranet or portal straight through to SmartSurvey via the SSO login link. 

Our SSO feature works with Identity Providers that support OpenID Connect authentication

To find our more about pricing and access please contact your account manager. SSO is an option on our Enterprise Plus plans. 


  • See our blog post for more information
  • To find out more about how to set up SSO please see our help guides

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