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Searchable drop-down question option

Launched on
August 23, 2021

New question option available on Enterprise Plus plan

We've released an additional option for multiple choice questions with one answer that enables the survey respondent to search the drop down list for their answer, making it much quicker and easier to find the relevant answer within a large list. 

As the respondent starts to type in the textbox, the dropdown list will display answers in the list that match the text entered.

Image showing the beta feedback notification.

How to configure

This option is available on the "Multiple Choice - Single Answer" question type. You can select this display option by choosing "Searchable Drop-down Menu" from within the display options menu, within the question editor. See our helpguide for more information

Image showing the beta feedback notification.


This question option is accessible and has been tested with all major screen readers. 

To ensure you're survey is accessible please use our accessible survey theme, which you find in the theme library in the "Accessible Themes" folder. 


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