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New Shared View Features

Launched on
July 10, 2023

We've released some new features that provide more options on your shared results views

The results summary is where you see an overview of your survey response data. It allows you to create different charts and configure different options within them as well as choosing which questions to view within different report views.

Depending on your plan you can save these reports as “Views” at the top of the page to reference in future, or you can share them with users outside of SmartSurvey by creating a Shared View - you can do this from the bottom left of the page.

Our latest updates allow you to allow your shared view users to export the information to a MS Word document or a print friendly version that can be saved as a PDF.

The updates also allow you to enable your shared view users to access a selection of filters that you have created on the view, allowing a level of data interaction that wasn't possible before.

Image showing the new shared view options

The shared view user then has the options as seen below.

Image showing the new shared view options

How do these features help you?

To aid in distributing large surveys more effectively you can now choose which filters you’d like the users of your shared view to access.

This allows you to share data more flexibly with different teams, allowing them to filter data based on answers or variables you’ve included in the survey, for example a type of team, product or location.

This has been particularly popular with increasing engagement throughout different organizations who want to share data without the need to create multiple surveys.

To make this easier, we've also added the option to "Duplicate" a shared view - to save you needing to recreate all of the data, branding and descriptions each time - you can now duplicate and change the filters and it will generate a new URL to share.

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