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Introducing User Managers

Launched on
April 28, 2022

Master Users on Enterprise Plus team accounts can now give User Management permissions to sub-users, who will become “User Managers”.

User Managers can add or invite users, disable or enable users, edit account details, manager survey sharing permissions, and copy or transfer themes or surveys between accounts.

Because User Managers can access many of the same functions as the master user, if you’re managing a large team of users, this feature lets you spread the load, allowing user managers to deal with user requests within your organization.

Screen Shot of the User Management Screen showing 4 users, one of which is a master user, and another of which has the new user manager role

If you’re already on Enterprise Plus and would like to activate this feature on your account, see our help guide on how to create User Managers.

If you’re not on Enterprise Plus but would like to upgrade to access this feature, please contact your account manager.


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