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Introducing Dashboards

Launched on
November 29, 2023

We're excited to introduce our new reporting feature - Dashboards. Dashboards are now available on our Enterprise Plus Plans.

Dashboards provide you with the flexibility to visualize data from across your SmartSurvey account in a way that meets your needs. So whether you’re looking to compare feedback across your organization, customer journeys, departments or products, or just looking to pull together a quick one pager for a meeting - our new survey dashboard feature will help you do that.

To start creating Dashboards, all you need to do is “Pin” your Charts or Responses to a dashboard from your survey results summary.

The dashboard will become populated with key data from across your surveys, ready for you to configure in anyway you need to.

Within your dashboard you can:

  • To enhance your dashboard, consider adding charts. Pinned charts will retain their configuration settings.
  • Monitor incoming responses or gain better insights into your survey data by pinning open text responses and comments to your dashboard.
  • Customize your dashboard by adding text boxes. Use them to include titles, descriptions, and commentary alongside your survey data. You can also incorporate images and videos to reference survey questions or showcase your logo.
  • Modify your dashboard layout by resizing the tiles according to your preference. - Adjust the date range with the quick filter or choose specific date ranges
  • Use the tile tabs to highlight which survey your data has come from, as well as filters and date ranges to support in comparing different ranges
  • Share your dashboard with other users on your account so they have visibility or share their survey data to the central dashboard


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