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Creating surveys got a whole lot easier!

Launched on
February 13, 2024

Image showing question editor

Built with your feedback in mind, the new Question Editor is now live, redefining the survey design experience on SmartSurvey. It aims at delivering a smoother, more intuitive interface that lets you focus on what matters most: crafting engaging and insightful surveys with minimal effort.

Let’s dive into the enhancements:

  • Effortless Question Selection: No more scrolling down the menu to select questions. Our new, reorganised layout puts the right question in front of you, with clear guidance and examples, helping you make the perfect selection on the first try.  
new layout question editor
  • Create your survey with maximum efficiency: By introducing tabs and condensed views, you can easily navigate between elements and have everything you need within your sight.  
  • Bespoke customization: Our updated HTML editor lets you focus on crafting engaging questions and insightful surveys that align with your survey goals.
  • Save time on creating survey answers: The new editor gives you complete control over your answer sets, letting you add or remove them in a single click, thereby streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.  

With our new Editor, you can distribute surveys and gather valuable results quicker than before. Sounds interesting? Check out our helpguide to learn what more can you achieve with our enhanced Question Editor.

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