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Create Organization Templates

Launched on
May 19, 2023

In addition to launching the new template library, you can now find your Organization templates within the same library. 

From the My Surveys page you can set up Survey Template folders. This means that you can copy a survey into the folder and it will appear as a template within the Template Library. 

Image showing how to add a survey to the template folder

When a user chooses to use the template it will create a survey using the same questions and settings as the survey it was based on. 

Image showing the organisation template library

This makes it much easier to direct users on your account to survey templates that are commonly used within your organization, that use specific terminology or reference specific aspects of your business, as well as being searchable by your organization or department names if you use them as part of the template names. 

We'll be adding new templates regularly and if you have any suggestions please let us know. 

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