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Clearing your survey responses

Launched on
April 21, 2021

We've recently released an update to enable you more flexibility when clearing your survey responses. This feature is available on our current paid plans. 

On the My Surveys page within your survey options menu, you can choose to clear responses by selecting which survey responses you want to clear based on the following criteria:

  • Clear partial responses based on start date
  • Clear completed responses based on submission date
  • Choose a date range or before/after given date
  • Choose to clear responses from a specific tracking link
Image showing clearing responses menu from my surveys page

Once you've selected your criteria you will see a summary and a total of the number of responses that match your criteria. If you're happy to clear you can continue, it not, you can go back to modify your criteria. 

Image showing clearing responses menu

By confirming to clear your selected responses, they will be permanently deleted. 

The additional flexibility gives you more control over your data and if working within an organization will support you in aligning with data retention policies if you have them in place. 

This update supports compliance with the Data Minimisation Principle, the Data Storage Principle and Accuracy Principle of the GDPR legislation.

As always, if you have any feedback please let us know so we can continue to evolve this feature.


  • To find out more about how to use the additional options visit our help guides
  • See our blog post for more information.

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