25 Informative Voice of Customer Survey Questions

Last updated on
September 5, 2023
A shopper in a garden centre browsing the products on display, an example of an interaction that could be improved by capturing the "voice of the customer".

'Voice of Customer' (also referred to as 'Voice of the Customer' or simply 'VoC') is the term used to describe the process of capturing customer feedback concerning their experiences with and expectations for your products or services. Inviting this voice to be heard means delving into customer desires, needs, and challenges. By comprehending the Voice of the Customer, businesses can tailor their offerings more precisely and bolster customer satisfaction.

But understanding your customer's voice isn't merely about enhancing sales or bolstering your brand—it's about fostering a connection with your patrons, and in doing so, spotting and making improvements that resonate with them. Capturing regular feedback via the Voice of Customer survey ensures you remain attuned to the ever-changing desires and expectations of your market segment.

Incorporating any of the question examples shown below into your VoC strategy should provide you with a comprehensive understanding, helping you to make the kind of pivotal decisions that genuinely matter to consumers. Remember, it's not about what we believe we're offering, but how our offering is perceived and experienced by our clientele.

Example Voice of Customer questions


1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with our product/service?

2. How well do you think our product/service met your expectations?

3. How likely are you to buy from us again in the future?

4. How would you rate the value for money of our product/service?

5. Do our product/service updates and improvements align with your needs?

Interactions and communication

6. How would you describe your most recent interaction with our customer service team?

7. How well do our communication channels (email, phone, social media) meet your needs?

8. If you've sought assistance or support, how efficient and helpful was the resolution process?

Perception and motivation

9. How did you first hear about our company or products?

10. How likely is it that you would recommend [our company] [our product] [our service] to a friend or colleague? (scale of 1 to 10, 1 being 'Not at all likely', 10 being 'Extremely likely') - read more about the Net Promoter Score question.

11. How would you describe your overall experience with our brand?

12. What's one word or phrase that best encapsulates your feelings about our brand?

Product/service use

13. Which of our products/services have you utilized or purchased recently?

14. Have you encountered any challenges or problems with our product/service?

15. How easy was it to find the information you needed on our website or other platforms?

16. How easy or challenging was the purchase and checkout process on our platform?

Competitor comparisons

17. What prompted you to choose our product/service over others?

18. What do you believe differentiates us from our competitors?

19. Have you interacted with any of our competitors recently? If so, how was that experience compared to ours?

Product/service improvements

20. What features of our product/service do you value the most?

21. Are there any additional services or products you wish we offered?

22. Were there any elements of the product/service that you felt were lacking or could be improved?

23. What's one thing we could do to make your experience with us more rewarding?

24. If you could change one aspect of our product/service, what would it be?

25. Are there any aspects of our product/service that you find redundant or unnecessary?

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To get started with VoC why not employ our Voice of Customer survey template. Pre-built with 17 questions, it can be used as presented or customized to your unique needs.

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