35 Comprehensive Student Satisfaction Survey Questions

Last updated on
October 19, 2023
Students attend a seminar, sitting in a lecture theatre looking toward the tutor.

Better understanding the core elements that contribute to student satisfaction can empower universities, colleges and schools to elevate their offerings and cultivate an enriching learning environment. In essence, the student feedback questionnaire serves as a crucial instrument for gaining these perspectives straight from the individuals involved.

Below you'll find a structured set of questions to help in designing a student satisfaction questionnaire, with specific questions to inform the student experience across five distinct areas; academic experience, campus facilities, student support services, engagement and extracurricular activities, and well-being and mental health.

Crafting a thoughtful and comprehensive survey is the first step towards tailoring an educational experience that not only meets but exceeds student expectations, and we hope these example questions help your endeavors.

Example student satisfaction questions

Academic experience

1. How would you rate the quality of teaching in your courses?

2. Do you find the course materials relevant and up-to-date?

3. Are the assessment methods fair and clearly explained?

4. Does the curriculum align with your career goals?

5. Do your lecturers offer adequate support and feedback?

6. Are classroom facilities conducive to effective learning?

7. Are online resources like e-books and journals easily accessible?

Campus facilities

8. How would you rate the cleanliness and maintenance of campus buildings?

9. Are library resources and study spaces sufficient for your needs?

10. How easy is it to find a quiet place to study on campus?

11. Are you satisfied with the Wi-Fi connectivity?

12. Do you find recreational areas like parks or gyms beneficial?

13. How would you rate the quality and variety of food options on campus?

14. Is campus signage clear and helpful for finding your way?

Support services

15. Are you aware of the counseling services available on campus?

16. How would you rate the effectiveness of academic advice received?

17. Do you find the health services to be easily accessible?

18. Are career services helpful in providing guidance and resources?

19. Have you used any financial aid services, and if so, were they helpful?

20. Is the process of reporting safety or security concerns straightforward?

21. Are additional learning support services, like tutoring, effective?

Student engagement and extracurricular activities

22. Are there ample opportunities for you to join clubs or societies?

23. How would you rate your level of social interaction with other students?

24. Are extracurricular activities well-promoted and easy to join?

25. Do you feel that student events enhance your overall experience?

26. Is there a good balance of social and academic events throughout the year?

27. Do you feel welcomed and included in student activities?

28. Are student leadership opportunities, like student government, readily available?

Overall well-being and mental health

29. Do you find it easy to maintain a work-life balance while at university?

30. How would you rate your current stress levels?

31. Are there sufficient resources available to help manage stress?

32. Have you used any mental health services, and if so, were they effective?

33. Does the institution culture promote a healthy work-life balance?

34. How safe do you feel on campus?

35. Do you feel that the university takes student well-being seriously?

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