30 Informative Member Satisfaction Survey Questions

Last updated on
September 5, 2023
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Understanding member sentiment is vital to the success and growth of any organization. And a well-designed non-profit survey can provide invaluable insights into what your membership thinks you are doing right and where there's room for improvement. Drafting a meaningful member satisfaction survey is a lot like panning for gold; you sift through a lot of material to find those nuggets of wisdom that can redefine the way you operate.

By focusing on quality of service, value for money, communication and support, facilities and resources, member engagement, and overall experience, you'll not only gage the current mood but also map out the way forward. Because after all, the objective isn't just to keep your members—it's to make them advocates for your organization.

With all this in mind, below we list example questions across these six crucial areas. Picking from these 30 example questions can help you gage the happiness and commitment level of your members.

Example member satisfaction questions

Quality of service

1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall quality of our service?

2. How easy was it to get the help you needed from our customer service team?

3. Were your questions or concerns resolved promptly?

Value for money

4. Do you think the benefits you receive are worth the membership fees you pay?

5. How satisfied are you with the discounts or special offers provided with your membership?

6. Have you ever regretted spending money on our services or products?

Communication and support

7. How well do we keep you informed about the latest updates or changes?

8. Do you find our newsletters and emails useful or informative?

9. Is it easy to get in touch with us when you have questions or issues?

Facilities and resources

10. Are you content with the cleanliness and maintenance of our facilities?

11. How would you rate the user-friendliness of our website or app?

12. Do you think the resources we offer meet your needs?

Member engagement

13. How involved do you feel in the community or events we organize?

14. Do you think there are ample opportunities for members to engage with one another?

15. Would you say the organization listens to and values your opinions?

Overall experience

16. How likely are you to renew your membership?

17. How satisfied are you with the ease of the membership renewal process?

18. Would you recommend our organization to friends or colleagues?

Bonus general questions

19. What aspects of our service impressed you the most?

20. What areas do you think need immediate improvement?

21. What features would you like to see added to your membership package?

22. How easy was the process of joining our organization?

23. Do you feel like part of a community within our organization?

24. Are the staff friendly and approachable?

25. How often do you utilize our services or attend our events?

26. Do you feel you have a voice within the organization?

27. Are you aware of all the benefits your membership offers?

28. Would you like more training or educational resources as part of your membership?

29. Is the organization aligned with your personal or professional values?

30. What's the single most important change we could make to improve your experience?

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