30 Insightful Customer Engagement Survey Questions

Last updated on
August 29, 2023
Customers engaged in conversation with staff member at a hotel reception.

Customer engagement refers to the deep-rooted relationship and rapport that a business cultivates with its patrons. It isn't just about a single purchase or fleeting interaction; rather, it's an ongoing association, a set of experiences that unfold over time.

The deeper the connection between the business and your individual customers, the more loyal those customers are likely to become. This in turn can translate to greater profitability, visibility and competitive resilience for the business. So, monitoring customer engagement isn't merely a concept to be pondered over in internal meetings; it's an essential external barometer that gages the health of a business's bond with its users.

To truly understand this engagement, businesses can employ various mechanisms, one of which is the customer engagement survey. This tool can shine a light on those dimly lit corners of the customer journey, bringing forth invaluable insights.

Each of the questions that follows reflects an important touchpoint, that importance varying depending on your products, services or audience. Using the examples that best reflect your business can ensure that you not only remain tethered to your customers' needs but can also continually evolve in line with their current or changing preferences.

Example customer engagement questions


1. How seamless was your latest interaction with our customer service team?

2. How often do you read or engage with our content, such as newsletters or blog posts?

3. Have you ever had to return or exchange a product? If so, how was your experience?

4. How responsive do you find our customer support on social media platforms?

5. How well do you think we take on board customer feedback?


6. How often do you utilize our products or services?

7. How would you describe the ease of navigating our website or app?

8. Have you ever participated in any of our loyalty or rewards programs?

9. Do our community events or workshops interest you?

10. Have there been instances where our product/service surpassed your expectations?


11. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with our products/services?

12. How aptly do you think our products/services meet your needs?

13. Are our communication channels (e.g., emails, notifications) beneficial to you?

14. How would you rate the value for money of our products/services?

15. How would you rate the relevance of our promotions or discounts to your needs?

16. How likely are you to remain a customer in the next year?

17. How likely is it that you would recommend [our company] [our product] [our service] to a friend or colleague? (scale of 1 to 10, 1 being 'Not at all likely', 10 being 'Extremely likely') - read more about Net Promoter Score.

Perceptions and motivations

18. What primarily draws you to our brand over competitors?

19. How do you generally perceive our brand's image or ethos?

20. Do you feel more engaged with our brand compared to a year ago?

21. How would you describe your level of trust in our brand?

22. Do you feel that our brand understands and caters to your specific needs?

23. How would you describe your emotional connection to our brand, if any?

Product/service improvements

24. Are there elements of our service you feel could be enhanced?

25. How readily available is the information you seek when browsing our platforms?

26. Are there other products or services you wish we offered?

27. What factors might dissuade you from purchasing from us again in the future?

28. Are there any particular challenges you face when engaging with our brand?

29. Are there any technological features you'd like to see integrated into our platforms?

30. How would you rate the consistency of our product/service quality?

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To get up and running quickly use our customer engagement survey template. It comes pre-built with 18 questions and can be used as is or customized to your specific needs.

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