20 Informative Customer Effort Score Questions

Last updated on
September 7, 2023
A customer uses a smart phone to begin the process of interacting with a business; the screen shows the message "Let's Start".

Understanding how smoothly (or not) your customers interact with your business can offer invaluable insights. One particularly revealing metric for examining this is the Customer Effort Score (CES). This popular customer survey lets you dive deep into the user journey, allowing you to isolate areas that either facilitate or hamper a hassle-free experience. Unearth these details and you're on a faster path to bolstering customer loyalty and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Obtaining a clear picture of your customer's experience is vital for business growth and longevity, and a well-designed Customer Effort Score survey can shine a spotlight on previously hidden points of friction in the customer journey, arming you with the know-how to refine your operations.

With this in mind, below we present a list of 20 sample questions across four distinct areas: ease of initial contact, quality of interaction, problem resolution, and post-interaction follow-up. Using and acting on these questions can lift your customer satisfaction to new heights.

Example CES survey questions

Ease of initial contact

1. How easy was it to find our customer service contact information?

2. Was our website navigation straightforward in locating what you needed?

3. How long did it take you to get through to a customer service representative?

4. Did you find our business hours suitable for your needs?

5. Were you aware of multiple channels (phone, email, chat) for customer service?

Quality of interaction

6. Did our customer service representative speak clearly and understandably?

7. Were your questions answered in a prompt and accurate manner?

8. Did you feel that our representative listened to you attentively?

9. Was the customer service rep courteous and professional?

10. Did the representative offer any proactive advice or additional help?

Problem resolution

11. Were you satisfied with how quickly your issue was resolved?

12. Was your problem solved in a single interaction, or did it require follow-up?

13. Did the proposed solution meet your expectations?

14. How would you rate the overall efficiency of the problem-solving process?

15. Did you need to escalate the issue to get it resolved?

Post-interaction follow-up

16. Did you receive any follow-up communication to ensure your problem was resolved?

17. How easy was it to provide feedback on your customer service experience?

18. Was the feedback channel (e.g., email, survey) easily accessible?

19. Would you be open to participating in future surveys from our company?

20. Do you feel that your opinions and feedback are valued by our business?

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Use our customer effort score survey template and get up and running quickly. Pre-built with a sample of 11 CES survey questions, it can be used as provided or adapted to your requirements.

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