25 Festive Christmas Survey Questions

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September 7, 2023
Employees enjoying an office Christmas party, holding sparklers and toasting with champagne flutes.

As Christmas draws near, the excitement in the workplace builds in anticipation of the festivities. But let's be honest, pulling off a successful Christmas party isn't as straightforward as decking the halls with boughs of holly. To craft an event that appeals to all, you'll need insights directly from your team. This is where a well-thought-out Christmas survey can prove invaluable.

Yuletide gives us all the perfect opportunity to break from routine and revel in the company of our colleagues, and while no two individuals will ever wholly agree on what makes the perfect party, the questions above should help you get closer to a consensus. A well-executed survey can serve as your road map to an event that leaves everyone in high spirits.

So go ahead, send out that survey and let your team guide you in orchestrating a holiday celebration that hits all the right notes. The sample questions listed below - covering celebration preferences, budget allocation, dietary requirements, timings, and gifting - can help ensure your survey garners those crucial insights.

Example Christmas survey questions

Employee preferences for celebration

1. Would you prefer a traditional Christmas theme or something more unique?

2. What type of venue would you enjoy the most: in-office, restaurant, or other?

3. How important is live entertainment to you (e.g., band, DJ, games)?

4. Do you think a formal dress code enhances the occasion?

5. Would you prefer a family-friendly event or adults-only?

Budget allocation

6. How much do you think should be allocated per employee for the celebration?

7. Do you feel that the company should cover the entire cost, or would you be willing to contribute?

8. Should the budget prioritize venue, food, or entertainment?

9. Do you favor quality over quantity in catering options?

10. Would you be open to a smaller celebration if it meant higher quality gifts for employees?

Dietary requirements and menu choices

11. Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies the organizers should be aware of?

12. Would you prefer a buffet or a sit-down meal?

13. Are there specific cuisines you’d like to see at the event?

14. How important are vegetarian or vegan options to you?

15. Would you like traditional Christmas food, or are you open to a more diverse menu?

Timing and availability

16. Which week in December would work best for you to attend the Christmas event?

17. Do you prefer a weekday or weekend celebration?

18. What time of day would be most convenient for you?

19. Would you attend a daytime event if it were during working hours?

20. How far in advance do you need to be notified of the event date?

Gift exchange dynamics

21. Are you interested in participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange?

22. What would be an appropriate budget for the Secret Santa gifts?

23. Do you have any themes or gift categories you'd like to suggest for our Secret Santa?

24. Would you prefer a company-wide exchange or department-specific?

25. Are you open to a 'white elephant' gift exchange instead of traditional Secret Santa?

Use our Christmas survey templates

Use our festive survey templates to start capturing feedback quickly. Pre-populated with a sample of common questions, choose between the Christmas party survey or our Secret Santa survey example.

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