Single Sign On

Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication allows you to use the same credentials for multiple software systems. So vital services you use all day are just a click away. Find out how to add Single Sign-On to your SmartSurvey account.
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How does Single Sign-On work?

Single Sign-On works by a standard known as SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). This is what allows a network to communicate with a web-based app (such as SmartSurvey), so it can verify a user’s identity without the user needing to enter a username and password.

Once a user is signed in to their main account, they can visit any web app that’s been set up to accept them. The app will request an encrypted token to verify identity and the device sends an encrypted message confirming identity. From the users point of view, one click and they are logged in, simple.

An example of the Single Sign-On user flow:

  1. A user (“John Smith”) gets in to work in the morning and logs on to his work PC
  2. Later in the day, John needs to log in to the SmartSurvey
  3. He clicks an intranet link set to a unique access page
  4. The website will ask “is this person a verified user for this account?”
  5. The work PC will respond “Yes, this is John Smith”
  6. John is logged in and can start using SmartSurvey

Is Single Sign-On secure?

Yes it’s highly secure because it’s based on encrypted information. An additional benefit is that users don’t need to memorize numerous passwords to access the tools they use. This reduces the risk of users storing passwords on paper or in local files, with all the associated security risks that poses. Single Sign-On is also supported through Active Directory, which uses SAML. This means that users who access their workstations through a domain login, need only keep their domain password secure, rather than keeping multiple passwords for the software they use day to day.

What does Single Sign On mean?

Single Sign-On means users don’t have to remember different account details for each app or tool. It means organizations can improve productivity, increase security, and encourage better password habits.

Single Sign-On for SmartSurvey is available as an optional extra for our Enterprise plan

What our customers say?

Dogs Trust has found Smart Survey invaluable for finding out the opinions of or supporters in an easy format. The survey was simple to set up but it looked very professional to our supporters. We can only thank SmartSurvey for all their help.
Charlotte, DogsTrust

We have established a network of social researchers who act as ‘SmartSurvey Champions’ across the department and who offer help and advice to policy teams. To streamline the process, we’ve taken advantage of webinar training provided by SmartSurvey for new users.
Vicky, Department for Education

SmartSurvey is great. Our team use it on a regular basis to poll employees and to get rsvps to events we hold. It is extremely easy to use and a great tool for simplifying my job.
Julie, Oracle

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