Response Management

SmartSurvey makes it easy to manage the responses to your surveys. Keep on top of the data you collect. Review responses, search, edit, and update, and make sure you're fulfilling your GDPR obligations as a data controller.
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View a response

Every response collected can be viewed as an individual entity, which is ideal for forms that are more concerned with qualitative and text-based responses, where you're more concerned about individuals than aggregated data, and it's easy to export responses in a word format to be printed or reviewed outside SmartSurvey.

Review incomplete responses

Whenever a respondent moves off the first page of a multi-stage survey, SmartSurvey will store a “partial” response for that response until it's completed. Reviewing your partial responses can help you to identify common drop-off points on the survey. You can also force a partial response to be treated as if it was fully complete with a simple click.

Search your responses

We make it easy to find the response you need. Every survey has a search function allowing you to search all the free-text elements of a survey for words or phrases of interest - this can be very useful for complying with GDPR requests.

Edit responses

Once a response has been received, it can be edited by you (or another user with permissions to do so) to correct any errors in the response. If required, it's possible to configure survey questions that only appear when the response is being edited, making complex workflows and review processes possible.

Delete responses in bulk

Clearing lets you remove all the responses from a survey but keeping the survey content and structure intact - ideal for surveys you may want to re-use. A new feature now allows you to selectively clear responses based on the date of completion or their completion status.

Delete individual responses

While clearing allows you to delete responses in bulk, it's also easy to delete responses on an individual basis. This makes it simple to comply with your obligations under GDPR to remove data where consent has been withdrawn or the basis for processing no longer applies.

Set survey quotas

Sometimes, you need to place a limit on the number of responses a survey can collect. SmartSurvey makes it easy to do this by applying limits on the number of responses that can be collected on a per-tracking-link basis.

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