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Link to your survey

Web tracking links are the basis of all the ways you can get traffic to your surveys, and every survey can have an unlimited number of links. Each link can have its own theme, translation, restrictions, and other customisations, so one survey can deal with traffic from a wide range of sources, and that data can be used to filter the results as they're collected.

Embed surveys in a website

Web embed codes let you integrate a survey directly into your website using either JavaScript or a HTML iframe. Ideal for quick feedback surveys, product reviews, or anywhere else where you might want to embed a survey to capture feedback right at the point of interaction.

Embed surveys into an app

Web embed codes or tracking links can also be used for embedded surveys as part of any web-connected mobile app by displaying the survey as web content inside the app. This makes carrying out projects with multiple contact points simple as all can feed into a single survey for reporting in aggregate or filtered by source.

Add pop-up survey invitations to your site

Generate special code to embed on your web pages that will pop up an invitation to your survey when people visit your site. You can set a required visit length of number of page views before the pop-up is triggered, and to set a proportion of site traffic to show it to. Ideal for website feedback surveys.

Follow up site visits via an exit survey

An alternative mode to the pop-up, you can configure your survey to only appear when a visitor leaves or closes your website. This makes it easy to set surveys to follow up on missed sales opportunities or abandoned shopping carts.

Get your survey out via social channels

Using web links makes it easy to make your surveys social, and we also include a special link type designed for Facebook posts. You can also generate a QR code for your survey links so you can make sure you can get your surveys to where your audience are.

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