Collaboration and Security

Working on surveys as a team is easy and effective with SmartSurvey. Use permissions to share the ability for multiple people to work on and contribute to a single survey in a way that's safe, secure, and simple to set up.
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Manage your team

Every multi-user SmartSurvey account is structured with a master user and however many sub-users the client requires. The master user can invite users into the account, manages survey permissions, and has oversight of all the activities on the sub-user accounts.

Collaborate securely with detailed permissions

Any survey can be shared with another user via a detailed permissions system. The master user can give the rights to edit the survey, change the survey settings, distribute the survey, view reports for the survey, copy the survey, or delete the survey on a per survey-per-user basis.

Share templates, questions, and themes

Multi-user accounts can access shared resources, helping them save time and effort. Surveys can be set as shared templates, questions can be saved into a shared library, themes can be shared across all the users on the account as well. This all adds up to making it easy for your team's surveys to be consistent and professional, without needing to re-invent the wheel.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On integration makes managing your sub-users secure and easy, by controlling their access to SmartSurvey in the same way as your other software and systems - your users won't need to remember extra passwords, brining you benefits in security and support.

Password policies

If you need your users to have individual passwords, our Password Policies feature allows you to create rules that you and your sub-users will need to follow when creating passwords. This means you can ensure that whatever passwords you and your colleagues use for SmartSurvey can match the rules your organization requires.

Two-factor authentication

SmartSurvey allows users to activate two-factor authentication on their accounts, either via SMS messages to an authorized number, or by using an authenticator app such as google authenticator. Using two-factor authentication can give you the extra peace of mind that only you can access your account and the data contained in it.

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