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By using SmartSurvey for their research needs, NHS Solihull CCG has simplified their data collection system.


Solihull Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) is authorized to lead the local NHS by commissioning (buying and monitoring) high quality healthcare services for the people of Solihull. They commission innovative, high quality services that bring care closer to people’s homes and make people healthier.

When carrying out research and data collection, Solihull CCG needed to ensure that they used a UK based online survey provider that was easy to use, cost effective, and allowed them to compile data from independent contractors.

The solution was a SmartSurvey Enterprise Account that provided the following benefits;

  • Time saved on administrative tasks
  • Reduction in the number of spreadsheets used
  • Ease-of-use for contractors
  • Assurance that contractors were aware of safeguarding responsibilities
  • Secure sharing of survey results

The requirement

Solihull CCG needed to deliver data to their governing body committee’s in a format that could be looked at easily. They needed a data collection tool that gave them the assurance that the contracted workforce they were commissioning were aware of their safeguarding responsibilities.

The objectives of using SmartSurvey software was to;

  1. Simplify the data collection system
  2. Use a tool that could capture all the data and store it in one place
  3. Deliver data to be looked at easily by the governing body committee’s
  4. Assure the safeguarding body that the workforce is trained and compliant
It was essential to deliver a data collection methodology that the commissioners and contractors were happy with. With SmartSurvey, we have been able to easily produce reports to provide the necessary assurance to our governing body and partner agenciesRosie Luce, Head of Safeguarding

The solution

Solihull CCG piloted the SmartSurvey platform for six months with contractors who were previously generating multiple spreadsheets to provide the necessary data. By using SmartSurvey, independent contractors were assured that their sensitive information was being stored securely.

We needed to be able to produce reports to provide assurance to our governing body and partner agencies of what we were achieving. When contractors are assessed, SmartSurvey allows to us to set up an email trigger to send them a pdf of their results for them to submit as internal evidenceRosie, NHS Solihull CCG

The results

SmartSurvey is used throughout the organization for all their survey needs, including conducting short surveys during the year to give a good overview of opinion. As Solihull CCG did not always have respondents email addresses, the system allows for a survey link to be embedded on a specific website page.

As my department is considered high risk, due to the collection of personal data, the Information Governance team will be assured that SmartSurvey provides the reassurance that all the data collected is stored securely in the UK and is GDPR compliantRosie, NHS Solihull CCG
NHS Solihull CCG
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