Lymington Community Association

Find out how SmartSurvey was able to help a community organization improve their feedback collection, allowing them to provide better services to their community.


Lymington Community Association is a non-profit organization created to benefit the residents in and around Lymington and Pennington, on the south coast of England. They operate a community center in the town, for cultural, recreational and educational activities, and came to SmartSurvey looking to improve their processes for collecting data.

The requirement

The Association’s activity is centered on the community center and to ensure that they are best serving the community, they wanted to collect feedback from the people using the center. The center can be used by both members and non-members, and a key challenge was to be able to separate responses from these into their respective groups.

The solution

With a SmartSurvey Pro account, the association has been able use it’s easy survey design capabilities to create surveys with logic and routing functions, allowing the collection of data on a scale that would have been very difficult and time-consuming to manage with paper surveys.

The results

Using SmartSurvey gave the association an easy way of seeking opinion of the members of the community center. They got useful feedback about how the users liked the café, and how they could look at improvements to the building. Despite an older than average demographic, the respondents seemed happy to answer the online survey. The end result was an improved understanding of what respondents valued in their community center.

I really appreciated being able to talk to someone on the phone. They were very helpful and SmartSurvey gave us the tools we needed to survey users of the Center.Caroline, Lymington Community Association
Lymington Community Association
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