Dundee City Council

Find out how SmartSurvey helped Dundee City Council better manage their events across multiple groups and in multiple locations.


Dundee city council manages/supports a number of events every year, Several of which have a requirement to collect detailed feedback. They had significant challenges collecting reliable data in a consistent way, making it difficult to compare different events. By using SmartSurvey with offline surveys, they were able to efficiently collect data in any locations with that was much more reliable and the easy use of the same surveys or questions for multiple locations made it possible to compare different events and draw appropriate conclusions.

The challenge

The Council wanted to show the impact of each event, and to measure this, used surveys after each event. They faced challenges in that the data could be inconsistent, with different questions being asked, or the same questions being used but with different wording. They also faced challenges in data scale, with more and more data needing to be entered or processed as the year went on. It was important that any solution that was sought could collect data without the need for an internet connection.

The solution

Acting on a recommendation, the Council signed up with SmartSurvey, impressed by the simplicity of learning the software, the ease of use in creating and designing surveys, and most importantly, by the offline mode feature.

The results

Using SmartSurvey has allowed the council to get data that is much more consistent. The fact that results can be shared directly helps keep results clear and actionable. The clarity and consistency of the data means that there can more trust in the outcomes that are being measured, as the council is able to benchmark economic data being gathered for their events, allowing them to understand if they are improving and in which areas effort should be focused.

We have found Smart Survey very intuitive to use when setting up the survey questions, easy to collect responses and to collate the results. We particularly appreciate the kiosk feature, allowing us to collect responses without a stable Wi-Fi connection, invaluable when out in the parks.Claire, Dundee City Council
Dundee City Council
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