Anthony Nolan

How the UK’s blood cancer charity use SmartSurvey to gather feedback from donors and support fund raising efforts.

Anthony Nolan was established in 1974 to help save and improve the lives of people with blood cancer. The charity conducts ground breaking research to improve the success rates of stem cell transplants and make sure that a donor is available for everyone who needs one.

Their aims:

  • To improve outcomes and quality of life for transplant recipients
  • To collaborate with the global transplant community in improving outcomes
  • To deliver excellence, efficiency and transparency in their work.

What they do

Every day, Anthony Nolan works to match individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who desperately need lifesaving transplants. Currently, the charity has more than 620,000 registered potential donors.

As a charity, it is important that they work closely with all stakeholders to deliver the best possible service. To enable communication with their key audiences, SmartSurvey provides Anthony Nolan with a master account and sub user accounts which allows the entire organization to share survey resources. Through the multi user platform, the charity conducts online surveys with the relevant segments of their audiences;


  • To engage with them
  • To provide support
  • To open up a channel for feedback


  • To review performance
  • To identify opportunities
  • To improve services

Internal HR Department

  • For feedback from staff
  • To gather opinion from fundraisers
The ability to survey fundraisers is essential to help us stay in communication with them, get feedback and support their fundraising efforts

The challenges they faced

Anthony Nolan handles potential sensitive issues daily and captures and manages a range of personal information. It is, therefore, essential that their survey provider is compliant with the UK Data Protection Act in order to ensure that they fully support the aims of the charity, whilst protecting all stakeholders.

Supporters, donors, staff and fundraisers all needed to be assured and confident that all of the data submitted is being captured, stored and used in a safe and effective manner.

As an organization, we have set high standards to aim for and exceed. Gathering feedback and improving our communications helps us accurately measure performance against KPIsLouise, Anthony Nolan

Why SmartSurvey?

Anthony Nolan chose to use SmartSurvey software due to the fact that they could guarantee that all data captured would be stored securely within the UK, safeguarding the respondents who submit the information.

Our previous methods for collecting data were more manual, which resulted in it taking a lot longer to capture, input and review data. With online surveys, we can collect the information we need quickly and easilyLouise, Anthony Nolan

The instant and flexible nature of SmartSurvey software vastly increases the opportunity to gather feedback instantly, in large volumes, via various devices. Mobile surveys allow the charity to engage with their users whilst they are on the go and capture feedback quickly.

The results

SmartSurvey software has allowed Anthony Nolan to quickly and securely gather accurate data to be reviewed and analyzed promptly.

The charity can review feedback from their donors in real time and identify any points where an immediate response is needed. SmartSurvey allows for all data collected to be easily evaluated.

SmartSurvey can be accessed and used across the organization, however, it allows Anthony Nolan to safeguard certain surveys and data so that only specified users have access. The different levels of access permissions further meets the charity’s in-house data protection policy.

SmartSurvey provide great support, even straightforward issues such as forgotten login information are easy to resolve. I would certainly recommend SmartSurvey, the features are easy to use and therefore all of our colleagues can pick it up and run effective surveys simply. SmartSurvey software has helped us achieve exactly what we need it to

Anthony Nolan
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