The Advantages Of Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Philip Cleave
October 12, 2012

Online surveys conducted to find out customer satisfaction are increasingly important for modern businesses and companies. Nowadays online customer satisfaction surveys are inextricably linked to business practices, marketing programs as well as other initiatives aimed at accomplishing customer engagement.

A customer satisfaction survey has a number of advantages that contemporary companies recognize, advantages that have been proved in the course of time. Customer satisfaction surveys are not only tools of inviting customers to express their opinion, they are also opportunities to invite customers to learn new information about companies, such as innovations or changes, and vehicles of establishing customers’ viewpoints.

In the first place, a customer satisfaction survey is an efficient tool to judge customer loyalty. When customers point out the products or services they like and dislike, they also reveal what keeps them and makes them repeat customers. Learning the reasons for customer loyalty or the impediments to loyalty is a secret to successful business.

Naturally, a customer satisfaction survey has the advantage of pointing out the extent of customer satisfaction. High as well as low satisfaction is equally important to establish. Customer satisfaction surveys are opportunities for customers to express their opinions, and they can present their side of the story, freely and without being interrupted. Then the analysis of opinions and data submitted by customers will help to segment customers into categories, on the basis of what should be done to meet their needs, expectations, etc.

An indubitable advantage of a customer satisfaction survey is that it is modern tool of effective communication. Satisfaction surveys conducted among customers invite them to talk to companies, and also they inform customers on information they may not know. Such satisfaction surveys can also remind customers of important changes or innovations that have been introduced in a company. Customer satisfaction surveys are appropriate for communicating such information, as customers tend to read them more carefully than they read other types of communication sent to them by companies.

The benefits of a customer satisfaction survey are not confined to just some aspects of the relationships between companies and customers. They also serve to establish important trends in the feedback customers provide. There are important trends to be analyzed in the feedback to a satisfaction survey, and companies which spot and analyze these trends to take them into account in their business are one step ahead of their competitors.

An online survey is a means of achieving insight into different customer segments, to enable companies to tailor their products or services in accordance with the preferences and expectations of these segments. Because a customer satisfaction survey is a tool that enables companies to gain insight of customers needs and requirements, their loyalty, as well as obtain useful feedback, whether in a positive or in a negative light, its benefits are vastly employed in modern business to enable companies to achieve more customer focused products and services, develop better relationships with customers, and by enhancing the quality of their business achieve brand success.


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