Questionnaire Examples Are Important When Researching

Philip Cleave
August 3, 2012

Questionnaire examples when researching is vitally important. You must be able to take a look at previous examples regarding a similar subject; discover what questions were asked and in which format, whether it is open ended, closed, multiple choice or ranking questions. This will allow you to see the depth of answers given for each type of question; you will see what type of answers were extracted from the variety of questions and predict which type of question or route yours will take. Through our questionnaire builder, you can find many questionnaire examples and templates available for free.

Questionnaire examples will help you fixate exactly how to run your online survey research. There are many ways to collect your desired data, whether it is online, by mail or orally. By delving into previous questionnaires for all three formats, you can see which will gain you the advantage in regards to you intended findings.

So of course to conduct a survey online is probably the first thing that will come to your mind. Electronic mail can be directed all over the globe, gaining you a lot more respondents and increasing the chances of more accurate research. You must look at the previous questionnaire examples; look at what was an advantage and what was of a disadvantage for choosing online surveys.

Of course the advantages are that it costs less, the questions are easier to edit and to place into a format. There is also a higher response rate and with this the responses are much quicker. However if your research is intended for a younger or older audience, this electronic questionnaire may not be of use; as they may not have access to a computer. If you believe your targeted audience may not use the internet, questionnaire examples will indicate how previous surveys went in regards to the same audience. You must always go with what has worked before as this is obviously where the results appear.

Other questionnaire examples that would be handy to view are mailing surveys. These will allow you to directly mail out to a various audience whom you wish to retrieve results from. This is very cost effective, allowing the respondent freedom and time to complete your survey. Also, this is a perfect way to achieve non-bias results; this is something that with online questionnaire examples you can compare.

However the negativity surrounding mailing surveys is that the response rate is the lowest. Purely because a lot of people are now online or simply do not have time to sit down and complete a hand written survey. Yet again previous questionnaire samples will show what audience did actually complete these mailing surveys more.

Questionnaire examples must not be copied! If you have a target audience and base your research and questions around a previous online survey, you will probably not get worthwhile responses. As the potential respondents will have course already answered a very similar survey.

Questionnaire examples are important for collating and comparing the results, what worked and what didn’t, along with discovering what particular method suits a certain audience.

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