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Secrets to a Successful Online Survey
The Key Benefits Of Creating Surveys Online
October 24, 2013
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Conducting online surveys is one of the best methods for businesses to evaluate themselves and know how customers rate them. Surveys are appreciated by people from all schools of thought; however they adopt different approaches for conducting them. Some businesses still go the old school way and use postal or face to face questionnaires to gather feedback. Read on for more information on how you can create an online questionnaire for your business.

A major chunk of the world population uses internet these days which makes online surveys quick, reliable, and economical. In comparison with traditional research methods, online surveys provide anonymity to respondents leading to more reliable results. If you are looking forward to conduct a survey then there is no better way than to create an online questionnaire for your business.

Just like any other form of research, first of all you need to set goals i.e. what you want to obtain from the survey. Surveys can be conducted for getting feedback from the customers, general public or even employees. Customers may be asked to provide feedback about quality of products and services. The general public can be asked questions about their expectation from a particular product or service. Employees can be enquired about impact of company policies, product line matters or anything else pertaining to the business.

After deciding to create an online questionnaire for your business you need to focus on the content and design of the questionnaire. Respondents are often not accommodating in case of long questionnaires, so prefer shorter, and focused ones. Begin the questionnaire with a brief introduction describing its purpose and importance. Ask the respondents to mention their age, sex, marital status, profession and family size, as this will help you in sorting respondents on basis of demographics. Avoid double-barreled questions at every cost i.e. to ask one question at a time. Respondents are confused with such questions, leading to inaccurate results.

Open ended questions usually don’t provide measurable results, so it is better to go for multiple choice questions. You can add a comments space at the end of each question so that respondents may add anything that they couldn’t express by choosing from the given options. Finally add a brief message in which you thank the respondent for his/her precious time. If you have a big budget you can even give a freebie such as a discount voucher. Mentioning about any such freebie/gift at the beginning may attract young teens that give vague answers simply to get their hands on the freebie. You can also contact a professional company to help you create an online questionnaire for your business to add a professional touch.

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