Christmas Quiz: How To Make Your Own

Philip Cleave
December 17, 2018

Have you taken this Year’s SmartSurvey Christmas quiz? This post is going to explain some of the features we used to make it fun and interactive, and show some of SmartSurvey’s features that sometimes we don’t talk much about.

It’ll be best if you take the quiz first, but we aren’t going to have any spoilers in this post.


The whole quiz uses Scoring to track a player’s results as they go through the quiz. Simply, the correct answer was assigned a score of 1, and incorrect answers a score of zero. To find out about setting up scoring for your own surveys, check out this area of the knowledgebase. Question 1 was more complex, so we’ll deal with that one later.

Skip and Page Logic

Each question has a pair of follow-up questions that give feedback on the player’s answer. Each question was ordered as Question page, then Wrong Answer Page, then Right Answer Page.

The question has Skip Logic on it set up so that when the player responds with the right answer, it “Jumps to” the “Right Answer” page.

This pattern repeats through the whole quiz.

Check out the Knowledgebase for more more information about setting up skip logic.

Question 1

This is the most complex question on the survey, as it’s asking something that isn’t simple (choose 3 out of 4 options) that means there are many possible responses we need to account for. Making this work to give a single scoring point required a little bit of ingenuity. We also needed to set the Skip Logic up differently. Firstly, after setting the question up as a “multiple choice, multiple answer”, we used the “Validate Answer Format” option to require the player choose exactly 3 options. We also set up some appropriate error text to replace the default text shown when a question is inappropriately answered.

Next, in order to make the logic work, with this type of question, it’s easier to take the approach of looking for the “wrong” answer. So, firstly we set up page logic so that by default, the page will direct players to the “right answer” page. We then set up Skip logic that said, If the wrong answer is chosen, then Jump to the “wrong answer” page. This is because we can’t create a rule for “Choice is all of the following”.

Finally, to make the scoring work how we wanted it to, we had a challenge. To make the question work as a single point for a right answer, we couldn’t set up the scoring on the question itself, because it had three right answers. Instead, we created a simple “Yes / No” question on the “Right Answer” page. We then set it up to have a default answer of “yes”, and for “yes” to have a score of one. Finally, we hid the question by typing “hidden” into the CSS class box for the question. So, when a player gets the question right and lands on the “Right Answer” page, there’s a question on the page that they can’t see, and that’s what gives them the point for the question.

One of the questions uses a little bit of piping to insert the choice the player made into the “we’re sorry, but [answer] isn’t correct” message. It’s just there to add a little bit more of a personal feel, and more interactivity.

Default Text

Because it’s a quiz, and not a survey, we’ve amended some of the error messages and other text to make it more appropriate. Some of this was done in the Survey settings, but some was done by editing the Translation text.

Custom Theme and Scripting

One of the most obvious things that makes the quiz seem different is the custom theme- this was done by our design team using custom CSS and Javascript. The final page is really the showcase for a lot of this as it has scripting to show different messages to the player depending on their score, and allowing them to share that on social media. If you’d like us to d osomething similar for you, get in touch via the Marketplace in-app.

For more tips about making an online quiz, visit this knowledgebase article, where we talk about these features, and other useful ones that we didn’t use in the Christmas Quiz.


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