5 Tips To Consider When Selecting Your Target Audience

Philip Cleave
February 6, 2013

Should you wish to set up an online questionnaire, you have to first understand who your target audience is. These are the kind of people you want to answer the questionnaire. There are five tips to follow, which will make sure you get the right audience to answer your online questionnaire.

1 – Why are you researching

Firstly, you need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to sell a product, increase awareness or call people to action for instance? Once you know what you want to do, it becomes easier to filter a target audience to more specific results.

2 – Use existing market research

Defining an audience for an online questionnaire is not only about demographics. It often isn’t as simple as saying you are only looking for working women in a specific age bracket. What you are looking for is which people are interested in your product or service. For this, you can use existing market research, which will help you to identify the right people.

3 – Be selective

What you want to achieve through an online questionnaire is quality rather than quantity. This means that you must make cuts in your audience so you are left only with those who are right for you. At the same time, this means you only have to advertise your questionnaire in specific place.

4 – Have a plan B

You should always have a plan B. If you have done your research and come up with a way of marketing, only to then find you are not receiving the expected number of results, you must deploy plan B and start elsewhere.

5 – Measure what you do

An online survey should be seen as a ball or circle. It has neither a beginning nor an end once it starts rolling. Hence, you must communicate with respondents about what has been happening in terms of the results. Show them the actions brought about by them completing the questionnaire.


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