10 Features To Look For In A Survey Tool

Philip Cleave
September 12, 2013

When it comes to creating surveys for respondents, whether it is for the workplace, or a general topic survey, you have to use the right survey tools to help you create these surveys. When deciding on the survey tool to use, it is important to find one that has a variety of features, to help you create a diverse series of questions, and the ideal survey for your respondent; these are some of the many features to look for.

1. Expert template design

You want to find the ideal template; this feature allows you to go through a series of questions and topics, as well as discuss the respondents, so that you choose an appealing design, and the perfect template, for any specific survey.

2. Survey logic

This feature is for respondents to skip entire sections of a survey. If a section deals with a specific demographic, this tool will weed out respondents who do not fit that demographic, so that they aren’t answering a specific section aimlessly.

3. Flexible look and feel

Updating colors, font, and other design features, will result in more respondents. If the design or template is offsetting, many won’t even look at your survey; this feature allows you to customize, for your specific target survey group.

4. Piping

Here you can take one section of a survey, and piggyback off of it. So, if one question asks where a respondent lives, the piping feature will allow the survey to next ask when they moved there, or what they most like about the area.

5. Randomization

If certain question options are paired up one after another, this can possibly affect the responses of certain respondents; this feature eliminates this bias, and will randomize question options for you, so respondents are not biased when they do respond to questions.

6. Data analysis

This lets you look at charts, excel graphs, and other graphics, to look over the entire group of respondents, how they answered, and what these answers mean. It allows you to analyze everything in one place, as opposed to having to go survey by survey, and review answers by hand.

7. Website integration

This feature allows you to link your site to a survey; this is great for shorter surveys, so the respondent only has to click on one link.

8. Auto save

If your computer crashes or freezes, this feature allows you to pick up right where you left off. You just click back into the survey and your previous work will have been saved.

9. Multi language

This feature allows bigger companies to deliver surveys around the world, without having to hire translators to create new surveys for them.

10. Question morphing

This feature allows you to change the format of a question. If you initially made a question as a open ended one (requiring a written response), but later chose to make it a multiple choice question, this feature will change the format.

These are a few of the features to look for, when designing surveys, and putting them together using a survey tool.


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