Team Working Just got Easier with SmartSurvey

Philip Cleave
May 20, 2020

If you’re one of our users with a team account – you may have noticed that we’ve been running a beta test on a new version of the User Management section.

This is where master account users can take advantage of the collaborative working features that come with SmartSurvey Team accounts and manage the other users on their account. Let’s have a look at what’s been improved in this update:

New Look and Feel

The whole section has been updated in line with our UI changes in other parts of the SmartSurvey app. The layout is cleaner and it’s easier to find the sections you need.

Invite Users to Join the Account

Previously, if you were adding extra users to your team account, the process had to be done completely by the master user, who would create the accounts by entering the user’s details and a password.

The new update adds the capability to instead create invitations to join the team account just by entering email addresses.

These invitations can be sent automatically via an email or exist as a set of customized links which can be sent to the intended recipients manually.

Easier User Management

See all the information you need to about a user on a single overview page, and easily find important functions like editing their details, managing addresses and passwords.

Also, easily check what survey permissions have been shared with each user and make changes.

Copy or Transfer Surveys or Themes

Themes and Surveys can now both be copied from one user to another or transferred between users.

Want to learn more about our user management features?

To find out more about how to use these features, then check out the guides on the knowledgebase, and if you don’t have a team account, but would like to find out more about what they offer and how they can help you work on Surveys collaboratively and securely, see our fact page.

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