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September 25, 2013
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October 9, 2013
Online Surveys

Online surveys are a great advantage for businesses that prefer to conduct their own research. Today, online survey tools make it easy for companies to perform market research at a portion of the usual marketing expenses. The advantages of online surveys are mounting quickly with businesses taking advantage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram as well.

There have been momentous advances in technologies used in online surveys that greatly increased the advantage of online surveys for companies around the world! From systematic sampling methods to improved questionnaire configuration and computerized data analysis. The area of survey research has become more scientific with various associations emerging to further aggrandize industry customs. Survey research companies like the Council of American Survey Research Organizations and the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals are two companies promoting the value of marketing and survey research.

Probably the biggest boost to the advantages of online surveys in the millennium is social networking and consumer review websites. Not only can companies create online surveys through these outlets or at least discover what consumers are thinking about their products, they also receive data that assists them with conducting targeted surveys.

List of Advantages of Online Surveys


The amount of time required to finish an online survey is around two-thirds less than the conventional means of research. Because data is collected instantly, there is no need to wait for paper questionnaires to arrive via snail mail. The response time is instant. Advantages to online surveys are even more spectacular since over half of the responses are within the initial three days of the survey project.

-Cost Less

Utilizing online surveys can cut research costs in half. In addition, businesses save money on postage and staff are not required to enter data into a database. Responses are dealt with automatically and results are available at any time.

-More Exact

The margin is smaller in terms of errors, which boosts the advantages to online surveys tremendously. Participants enter responses directly into the system. This bypasses manual techniques previously used by businesses that utilized staff to enter details of partakers. Additionally, human error is natural and can slip in at anytime due to the monotony of the task.

-Quicker Evaluation

Another fantastic advantage to online surveys is the readiness of results. Data can be presented in tables or graphs, and the majority of online survey tools include cross-tabulation analysis tools to produce contingency tables.

-Easy Use for Businesses and Participants

Research reveals that 90% of those that have Internet access favor answering surveys online, not by telephone. Online surveys provide the anonymity that the Internet affords. In addition, the time required to complete surveys is shorter and questions irrelevant to the participant can be skipped automatically.

For businesses, a crucial benefit to online surveys is that they save time. The information is quickly accessible and can effortlessly be moved into dedicated software or spreadsheets when more intricate analysis is required.


Other advantages of online surveys include time restrictions for participants which is nearly eliminated, consumers can easily be surveyed globally, state-of-the-art Internet security and encryption safeguards participants data, and one of the top advantages of online surveys for businesses is that time is reduced for new products and services to hit the market! In addition, there are a number of free online survey tools where businesses can design their own online surveys as well.

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