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August 30, 2013
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Healthcare providers can improve their quality of service by connecting effectively with their patients. Health questionnaires can greatly enhance this patient-provider connection. They provide a proven communication channel to get feedback from patients after a visit to the provider. They also help doctors, nurses, clinicians and other healthcare workers to gain more insight into a patient’s medical history, health related habits, family environment and other related issues. Health workers can then use these facts to plan and provide more appropriate care for their patients. Here are a few valuable tips on how to connect with patients through health questionnaires.

Inquire About Patient Satisfaction

Patient surveys are an excellent way to get information about their visit and their level of satisfaction. Use them to get your patients to tell you about their satisfaction with you, support staff and your health facility in general. This feedback is a great tool to make continuous improvement. So before your patient’s next visit, send them a brief questionnaire to know about any concerns they may be nursing. This will give you adequate time to get answers and make recommendations.

Identify Gender Related Health Issues

Patient questionnaires can also be used to effectively gather information on gender specific health issues. You can create a gender specific survey to discover the health issues that are most prominent in your locality, for different age brackets. This information can then be used to plan future health service requirements and staffing needs. You can even use the facts gathered to plan a community health education outreach that will attract more patients.

Use Health Questionnaires to Encourage Frequent Checkup

Healthcare professionals, like dentists and opticians, can use surveys to encourage their patients to come for regular checkups. Patients will definitely appreciate the care and concern shown to them when you make genuine inquiries about their state of health. As a healthcare provider, you can use this medium to get information to devise strategies for scheduling periodic checkups, patient education, sourcing for referrals and growing your practice.

In addition, an optician can survey their patients to find out if the glasses they recommended are still working as expected. They can also find out if their patient’s contact lenses are still o.k. and if they still find it easy to drive at night.

Inquire About Customer Health Insurance

Another important use of surveys for patient-provider connection is to inquire about customer health insurance. Through surveys, you can get to know if your patients are covered by health insurance. You can then prescribe viable alternatives that will still allow them to enjoy healthcare services.

Those are some of the ways by which healthcare providers can connect with patients through health questionnaires. In order to improve your quality of service and attract more patients, you should read them over and take steps to apply them today.

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