The Benefits of Creating a Student Questionnaire

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August 21, 2013
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The Benefits of Creating Student Questionnaires

There are various ways that you can get information from students concerning a certain issue or topic during a survey. One of the most effective ways is the use of the student questionnaire, where all the questions you would like to be answered are listed and the student is given the opportunity to give feedback or answers. Below are the benefits of creating a student questionnaire.

1. Confidentiality

The use of a questionnaire is the most confidential method that you can use to get the required information from students. It is worth noting that students fear to be victimized at all times because of the information they give. A questionnaire is more effective because students do not have to fill their names, so it is difficult to know who provided what information in the questionnaire. Students are, therefore more ready to provide all the information without fear of intimidation or victimization, thus providing very crucial information in the questionnaire.

2. Saves time

This is another major benefit of creating a student questionnaire because you receive a lot of information within a short period of time. This helps save time that would have been used to ask questions through other methods of surveys, for example, face to face interviews. A questionnaire is also cost effective because you do not have to hire people to carry out data collection. The students just provide the information on the questionnaire without incurring any cost in the entire survey process.

3. Easy quantification

The use of a questionnaire allows for easy quantification of the results either manually or through the use of software package. This is especially if the survey involves collection of quantitative data making the process more effective compared to other survey methods.

4. Easy to understand by students

A questionnaire can be understood easily by students as they provide the information during the survey. This is because it is possible to just require the students to provide yes-no or agree-disagree answers which is very easy for students. The use of straight forward written questions where students are allowed to tick answers provided in boxes is also an effective way to collect facts needed in the survey. Students also have more freedom to think of the answer they should give because there is no pressure from the researcher as it might happen if direct interview survey method is used.

With the above benefits of creating a student questionnaire, it is therefore crucial to use them in order to attain the goals of any survey requiring student participation.

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