Alternative to Survey Monkey

Join an online survey system with no limitations. Here are 8 good reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Why is customer satisfaction so important?

SurveyMoz allows our free members 250 responses each month, compared to 100 with Survey Monkey. Our paying members benefit from 2,000 responses a month, whereas the Survey Monkey comparable package offers their users 1,000.

2. Email notifications on surveys

You can choose to receive an email notification whenever somebody responds to one of your surveys.

3. Full CSS and HTML branding control

SurveyMoz theme editor allows you to fully brand your survey. Customize the HTML and CSS to create a theme that looks exactly as you want it to. There are no limits!.

4. White Label Solution

Brand your survey URL so your customers won’t even know your using our software. For example your survey could be, rather than

5. 20 questions per survey

Our free account allows you to add 20 questions to each survey, rather than the 10 questions other similar systems allow.

6. Attach Files

SurveyMoz’s online survey tool allows you to add the option for your users to upload and attach files.

7. Insert Pictures into your survey

SurveyMoz allows you to insert images into your survey.

8. Save and Continue Later

Allow your respondents to save and continue later. This function is especially useful when you have a longer survey that needs to be completed.